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tascam x 9 brochure

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Product Information

Professional Digital DJ Mixer X-9

The TASCAM X-9 is a versatile tool for serious DJs which
combines a highly flexible 4-channel mixer with a dual
effects processor and a dual sampler. The result is a crea-
tive powerhouse that helps to add originality and inspira-
tion for event mix.

Designed specifically for high-end creative DJs, the X-9s
control surface is laid out to combine ultra-high perfor»
mance and intuitive ease of use. Its multitude of analog
and digital inputs allows for incredible flexibility for inter»
facing with a wide variety of DJ gear such as vinyl turnta-
bles, dual CD decks, external effects devices and other
audio tools.

Profession-I nlginl m Mixer x-s

To achieve the ultimate in creative control of your mixes,
the X-9 includes a wide variety of high-quality built-in
effects. You can add reverb, delay, echo, flanging, auto
panning, fuzz, a |ow»fi filter, pitch control, a transformer
effect and a low pass filter to any audio signal that passes
through the X-9, with 30 memories to store your settings
for later use. The X-9 also features parametric EQ - an
essential control feature for exciting custom mixes. All EQ
settings are also storable and recallable. Also, using the X-
9s sampling function, you can select a sampling source
from Input 1 through 4, from the master output, the
microphone input, or both sides of the crossfader. Along
with its customizable fader start function, which can be
assigned to several controllers on the mixer, the X-9 offers
all the features you ever wanted in a DJ mix - and a few
you never knew you needed until now.

Whether you're combining it with TASCAM's CD-302 Dual
CD Decks or any other audio playback tool, the X-9 repre-
sents a giant leap forward in setting the standard for DJ
mixing in the 21st century.


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Main features

I 4 switchable line and phone inputs
I 4 stereo channels (PGM 1-4)

I 3-band full parametric EQ (-40dB to +12dB gain) on
each PGM, up to 100 E0 patterns storable

I Balance control on each PGM

I Flexible input selection: lnput1 switchable to PGM 1
and PGM 4 in parallel, Input 2 switchable to PGM 2 and
3 in parallel, enables DJ to mix same signal with
different E0 or effect settings

I 2 coaxial digital inputs on inputs 1 and 2

I 1 separate XLR balanced microphone input with 2-band
EQ (analogue) and TALK OVER function (reduces all
other signals by 20dB)


I 45mm faders (PGM, MASTER, CROSS)
I 3-stage adjustable PGM fader curve
I PGM fader reverse function

I Adjustable Cross Fader curve

I Cross Fader reverse function

I Low/Mid/High cut (-40dB) switches on both Cross Fader

I Balanced XLR master output (with attenuator)

I Unbalanced RCA master output (with attenuator, pre/
post selectable)

I Coaxial digital master output (pre/post selectable)
I Balance control on master output

I 3-stage adjustable EQ (selection of HI/LO/HI & LO boost/
Off in the menu)

I Balance control between cue and post master fader

Professlonll nlginl m Mlxer x-9

I Stereo/Mono Split function assigns mono cue signal to
left channel and master signals (post fader) to right

I Booth output for pre-listening monitor (fixed pre
master fader)

I Headphone outputs on front and top panels

Effector and Sampler

I 2 built»in digital effectors (reverb, delay, echo, flanger,
auto pan, pitch control, transformer, low pass filter);
Effect 1 assignable to MIC, PGM1, PGM3, Sampler 1;
Effect 2 assignable to PGMZ, PGM4, MASTER, Sampler 2

I Up to 30 effect patterns storable

I 2 built-in samplers (8 sec sampling time each) with
:100% pitch control and level control; Sampler 1
assignable to MIC, PGM 1, or PGM 3; Sampler 2 assign»
able to PGM 2, PGM 4, or MASTER; Single, Reverse,
Loop, and Reverse Loop functions


I 24»bit A/D and D/A converters

I Fader Start function with individual start switches on
PGM 1-4 (4 separate fader start connectors) and Cross
Fader (assignable to fader start connector 1-4 or

I 1 assignable stereo send/return for external effect
device; assignable to MIC, PGM 1-4, or MASTER; switch-
able on/off

I 2 assignable foot switches for built-in effect (on/off),
built-in sampler (start/stop) or Cross Fader (A side/B

I Cue function for Mic, PGM 1-4, samplers (pre fader
fixed), and master (post fader fixed)

I 15 dots level meter on each PGM and master (release
and peak hold time adjustable)