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tascam us 2400 brochure

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Microphones Audio Interface Laptop Computer USB Headphones Monitors Audio Interface USB Computer 02/20/04 Page 2 of 4 US-2400 Applications Guide Home Recording Live Recording W ith its dedicated transport controls, generous number of faders and lighted solo, mute and select buttons, the US-2400 makes using a DAW fast and easy. It eliminates the clicking around through endless windows many programs require and let you concentrate on making music. Most control surfaces only have eight faders, which isnt enough for a real mix. As you press the BANK button looking for your channel, youre missing the big picture of whats going on in your mix. Instead of adding on fader expanders to make a controller big enough to handle a real mix, the US-2400 comes with 25 moving faders in a solid, professional package. Lighted buttons and encoder rings show you whats going on in the software. You get familiar controls like play, stop and record to work with. A professional control surface like the US-2400 makes mixing intuitive and fun so you can be creative with your music. W hen youre recording a live performance, you dont have time to search through software menus to fi nd the function you need right now. The US-2400 gives you instant control over 24 channels so that crucial channels arent hidden under a BANK buttons. The encoder section of the US-2400 gives you control of up to six aux sends for each channel. You can even press the FLIP button to mix these aux sends from the faders to create perfect monitor mixes or fade in an effect. When you have the aux mix dialed in, press the METER button to see your channel meters displayed around the encoders so youll know which channels are about to distort in your DAW software. When dealing with pre-recorded tracks, the US-2400 is even more indispensable. It provides instantaneous level changes and mutes to your recorded DAW tracks and allow you to make changes to compensate for the acoustics of that venue. And the portable design and driverless operation means you can bring it along wherever the road takes you. Even though the US-2400 provides 24 chan- nels of mixing and transport control, its portable enough to bring along to a live recording so youll have instant access to your mix settings.

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Monitors Audio Interface USB Computer MIDI Interface Synthesizer Monitors Audio Interface Computer 02/20/04 Page 3 of 4 US-2400 Applications Guide MIDI Sequencing Surround Mixing T he US-2400 is perfect for music studios that use a lot of synths. In professional sequenc- ing software like Emagic Logic®, MOTU DP® or Cakewalk SONAR®, a dedicated control surface makes it quicker to capture a song when creativ- ity strikes. Just SELECT and arm a track, press RE- CORD, record the part, SELECT and arm the next track, and repeat. Having Select, Solo, Mute, Pan, Aux and Level controls right at your fi ngertips lets you concentrate on the music instead of fi ghting with your software. Each of your audio tracks, synth tracks and effects have a 100mm fader for quick changes. Convenient controls like Clear Solo also speed up the process. Each fader is automatically mapped to one of your sequence channels, giving you easy access to every channel of even the biggest arrangements. The dedicated transport controls navigate your song with familiar controls instead of arcane S urround mixes can get pretty intense. Not only do you have six to eight outputs to worry about, but effect returns, stems and other channel inputs start to pile up when you mix in surround. The US-2400 gives you 24 channels of simultaneous control, giving you a handle on big mix projects. The BANK button allows you to select even more channels, for a maximum of 192 channels of mix control. As the fi rst universal DAW controller with a joy- stick pan control, the US-2400 is uniquely qualifi ed for mixing in surround. When panning tracks in software like Digidesigns Pro Tools®, the joystick controller lets you instantly try a new surround position or follow an onscreen action to pass it through the room. The 24 encoders can be set as pan controls and aux controls for each track. Each encoder has a ring of LEDs to show the parameters position at a glance. These LED rings can also show that channels meter values for instant feedback of your levels. keyboard commands. And the Jog/Shuttle wheel lets you quickly locate anywhere in the timeline or scrub audio tracks. The US-2400 also provides a footswitch jack on the rear panel, which can be routed to any number of functions in your sequencing software. Set it to control tempo, punch in a track or whatever your music calls for.