Tascam fw 1884 service manual

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tascam fw 1884 service manual

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N-3626 This is the revised edition of Tech-Info No. 0341. See page 2. Symptom: Occasionally the unit does not boot. At this time, only STOP LED lights. Cause: +5 V has been supplied to U16 (PLL, Main FW PCB Assy) from two different sources. If there is a time difference between them upon booting, U16-14 will not generate the internal clock causing no boot. Solution: Supply +5 V from an identical source (U49-3). This change has been made on the products with S/No. 0080551 and higher. Main FW PCB Assy Main (5/11) CLOCK, Grid (D, 4/5) TASCAM FW-1884, No Boot with STOP LED Lighting Important Information for Service Stations and Customers TECHNICAL INFORMATION Page 1 of 1 No. 0341R DATE 28th January 2004

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cut cut Through Hole -— Cut foil: U16-1/2/3 -†- Through Hole -— Cut foil: U16-18 -— Jumper wire: U49-3 -†- U11-1/2/3 -— Jumper wire: U49-3 -†- U11-18 Main FW PCB Assy Page 2 of 2 0341R U11 -†’ U16