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tascam fw 1884 brochure

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FW-1884 Applications Guide I n this setup, the FW-1884 is controlling a Digital Audio Workstation such as Pro Tools LE- or Nuendo-. The FW-1884 can be used as your input/output de- vice, adding up to 18 inputs and 18 outputs. Use the eight microphone preamps to record into your DAW with zero latency, or transfer audio from digital recorders and GigaStudio through the ADAT inputs. The Control Room section allows you to connect your DAW to your monitors with an easy-access level control. You can control any monitor system from Stereo up to 7.1, even simultaneous 5.1 and stereo mixes. Use the nine 100mm moving faders to set up your mix, and take advantage of the pan, EQ, aux send and transport control on the front panel. You can even fl ip the control surface to set up a cue mix from the faders. More shortcuts on the front panel include edit com-mands, nudging, in/out point editing with the weighted jog wheel, and the all-important save and undo keys. The FW-1884 is directly supported by most DAW systems, and HUI- emulation and Mackie Control- emulation ensures compatibility with the rest. Once youve freed yourself from the mouse, youll wonder how you ever worked without a fader controller. One of the things that simple MIDI Fader Controllers dont address is that youve spent years collecting a rack full of reverbs, compressors, and other signal processors. Even though your DAW may have the latest plug-ins, sometimes theres no substitute for the real thing. The FW-1884 allows you to insert your favorite gear into your DAW mix via the analog, S/PDIF and ADAT I/O. When youve fi nished your mix, you can record it back into the computer or to an external device like a DAT machine or CD recorder. Controlling a Digital Audio Workstation 06/30/03 Page 2 of 6 FireWireMonitor Out L and R Mic Input 1 Line Input 8Line Output 8 S/PDIF OutputCompressorMicrophone Monitor ComputerReverb CD Recorder S/PDIF Input Optical Output

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FW-1884 Applications Guide P airing the FW-1884 with a laptop computer results in an incredibly powerful, compact studio. Not only are there 8 microphone inputs with phantom power, but you can monitor your mix with zero-latency out- puts. This means that the band wont hear a delayed signal in their headphones when youre recording, ensuring the best performance. The Mic/Line input on channel 8 allows you to switch to guitar impedance, which allows you to record guitar or bass direct. In addition, each input channel has an analog insert point - perfect for an analog compressor/ limiter to keep from overloading the inputs. You can even half-patch into the inserts to create direct out- puts for a tape backup safety. Just arm eight channels using the front panel buttons and hit the record key on the FW-1884 to begin recording. Fine-tune your mix using the nine 100mm moving faders, pan, EQ and aux send controls. The Flip button allows you to mix the aux sends using the faders, so creating a cue mix is quick and easy. All of the analog inputs can be recorded at 96kHz/ 24-bit for detailed sonic quality. You can even record the MIDI out and digital out of a keyboard at the same time. Flexible routing controls allow you to make a stereo DAT or CD recording at the same time, so the band has something to take home or sell at the end of the gig. Live Multitrack Recording 06/30/03 Page 3 of 6 FireWire Mic Inputs 1-7 Mic/Guitar Input 8 S/PDIF Output Microphones Laptop ComputerReverb CD Recorder S/PDIF Input Optical Output Bass Guitar