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tascam fw 1082 brochure

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Product Overview The new FW-1082 is an all-in-one solution for your computer-based digital audio workstation system. Its integrated design incorporates a high resolution professional multi-channel audio interface and integrated zero-latency input monitor mixer, a 2 x 2 MIDI interface, and a highly programmable, ergonomically designed control surface for your audio software. The FW-1082 is designed to be the nerve center of your digital audio environment. Its versatile control surface features nine touch-sensitive motorized faders, transport and multi-function controls for direct, immediate communication between your audio software and you. Its full complement of analog mic and line inputs and S/PDIF inputs and outputs provides a high resolution, 24-bit audio front end for input and output of your digital audio workstation. Its integrated free-standing mixer provides the connectivity you need for your entire studio, and it connects to your Windows or MacOS computer with a single FireWire connection. Your experience with the FW-1082 will be greatly enhanced by a good working knowledge of your audio software. Main Features Control Surface z 9 x 60mm touch-sensitive motorized faders (8 for channel and 1 for master) z REC, SEL, SOLO, and MUTE control on each channel z 4 encoders for EQ, PAN, SEND level control z 3 control surface modes - COMPUTER: DAW control mode - MIDI CTRL: MIDI controller mode (with 4 BANKs) - MONI MIX: Input monitor or stand-alone mixer mode z Selectable monitoring source - COMPUTER: DAW output - INPUTS: FW-1082s analog and S/PDIF inputs - BOTH: Both DAW and FW-1082s Inputs z 4 function keys (8 functions in total can be controlled with SHIFT key) z Transport control with Jog/Shuttle dial, locate keys, and IN & OUT keys z Cursor keys (up, down, left, and right) z Compatible with a wide variety of popular DAW applications z Mackie Control Emulation z HUI Emulation Audio-MIDI Interface z Audio I/O: 10 inputs and 2 outputs z 24 bit resolution z 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96kHz sampling frequency z 4 XLR Mic inputs with 48V Phantom power z 8 TRS Line inputs (Guitar input is available on channel 8) z 2 TRS Inserts for channel 1 & 2 z Trim control with OL & SIGNAL indicators on each analog input z 2 analog TRS balanced line outputs z 1 coaxial S/PDIF digital Input z 1 coaxial S/PDIF digital output

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z 2 MIDI inputs z 2 MIDI outputs z 2 virtual MIDI outputs transmitted through the FireWire cable to the computer z Headphone output (1/4 stereo connector) General z 2 x IEEE1394 6pin connectors z ASIO 2.0, WDM, GSIF2 (audio) and MME (MIDI) compatibility for Windows 2000 / XP z Core Audio and Core MIDI compatibility for Mac OS X z Foot SW Input (1/4 TRS connector) z Steinberg Cubase LE is bundled z Giga light version is bundled Specifications Analog I/O MIC input 1-4 (Balanced) Connector: XLR x 4 (1: GND, 2: Hot, 3: Cold) Input impedance: 2.2kohm Adjustable Input range: -56dBu (TRIM max) to -2dBu (TRIM min) Maximum gain: +54dB Phantom power: Switchable +48V LINE input 1-8 (Balanced) Connector: 1/4 inch TRS jack x 8 Input impedance: 10kohm at LINE/MIC 1Mohm at GUITAR (LINE Input: 8 Switchable) Adjustable input range: (channels 1-4) -42dBu (TRIM max) to +12dBu (TRIM min.) Adjustable input range: (channels 5-8) -43dBu (TRIM max) to +4dBu (TRIM min.) Maximum gain: +54dB (channels 1-4), +47dB (channels 5-8) INSERT 1-2 (Unbalanced) Connector: 1/4 TRS x 2(Tip: SEND, Ring: RETURN, Sleeve: GND) Send Impedance: 100ohm Normal level: -2dBu Maximum level: +14dBu Return Impedance: 10kohm Normal level: -2dBu Maximum level: +14dBu Analog MONITOR (BAL) output Connector: 1/4 TRS balanced jack x 2 Output impedance: 100ohm Nominal output level: +4dBu Maximum output level: +20dBu Phones output (Stereo) Connector: 1/4 stereo jack x 1