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tascam dsd 98 brochure

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Product information
DSD Multitrack Recorder DS-D98


The DS»D98 is a DTRS recorder which supports Sony's Direct
Stream DigitalTM format for production of the Super Audio
CD (SACD). Based on the popular DA-98HR high»reso|ution
DTRS recorder the DS-DQS is the only tape-based machine


capable of DSD recording and can be configured in both
DSD two-track and PCM multitrack formats. The DS-D98 is

Main features

- Selectable modes: DSD 2-track or

PCM multitrack (up to 8 tracks)

The only tape-based machine capable

of high-resolution DSD recording

- Sony sow-3 digital |/O

- Direct conversion between DSD and
analogue signals and vice versa

- newly-developed VCXO PLL reduces
jitter rate and improves sonic perfor-

nso Mulclmck Recorder 054293

- OS-CON condensor improves sonic
performance by decoupling the
power supply circuitry from the audio

- Sync Branch function allows chaining
and joint control of up to 256 DTRS
recorders (DA-38, DA-88, DA-98, DA-
78HR, DA-98HR, DS-D98)

easy to integrate into any DTRS environment: It is fully
compatible with existing DTRS recordings and may be
branched together with other DTRS recorders (up to 256 in


lF-AN98HR Analog 1/0 board (PCM
Mode only)

MU-8824 24ch meter bridge (PCM
Mode only)

RC-898 Remote Controller
R0828 Remote Controller

All other features see DA-98HR