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tascam dp 01 fx brochure

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DP-01 and DP- 01FX. The hands-on simplicity of our classic cassette Portastudios -. The superb sound and editing flexibility of CD-quality digital. High and low semi-parametic EQ with 100Hz and 10kHz center defaults. Effects send con - trols the amount of effects on the channel. Pan control for assigning a sound to the left or right in the stereo sound field. Record button. Mute LED. 45 mm channel fader. Input buttons assign your instru - ments or mics to a pair of the eight channels. Buried several layers deep in a menu on our competitors portable digital recorders. Input Overload LED. Page, page, page. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Select the channel. Page, page,page. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Change the bass EQ on that channel. Thats how our competitors make you do it. Talk about stifling your creativity! Instead, the DP- 01 and DP- 01FX give you EIGHT real channel strips- The DP- 01 and DP- 01FX use their LCD screens for what LED screens are really good at: giving you visual feedback on levels, song position and track editing. The DP- 01FX adds an effects control strip with multiple reverb types, each with variable parameters. Cursor controls. Jog/shuttle for data input and editing. Editing controls. Real worksta - tion controls for setting and locating in/out points, inserting seg - ments, etc. Transport controls. Stereo/dual mono input select. Jack for option- al footswitch (allows hands - free punch-in and punch- outs*). Headphone output with level control. DP- 01FX Phantom power switch lets you use high-quality studio condenser microphones. A great tool for songwriters who want better quality than cassettes but dont like the expense, complex menus and windows of other recorders and software packages. Perfect for school recording. Use it in a classroom to record rehearsals for students. Set up two mics and record the holiday con - cert; then transfer the mix to computer and burn CDs to sell as a fund raiser. Portable enough to take on the road and small enough to fit in a bedroom. MIDI time code out for synching with a drum machine or sequencer. S/PDIF ste - reo digital output for mixdown to CD or DAT. High-speed USB 2.0 output lets you back up to your com- puter or trans- fer finished songs for burning CDs. One of two DP- 01FX bal- anced XLR mic inputs. Mono EFX send and stereo EFX return. RCA line level outputs to monitor speak- ers or mixdown recorder. Guitar level input switch for re- cording instru - ments direct. W" TS Stereo Mix inputs, loop to the outputs for monitoring a metronome or drum machine. Master fader with Master/ Track Bounce switches. One of two W" line inputs with individual level controls. *Punch-out as in insert new material into a track . As compared to the kind of punch-out that results when your drummer is criticized for their constant and obsessive use of their new crash cymbal. www. tascam .com