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tascam cda 700 brochure

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CD-A700 Technical D ocumentation 7733 T elegraph R oad - Montebello , CA 90640 - (323) 726-0303 - http://www .tascamcontr actor.comAll features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact y our local TASCAM representativ e for the latest information. Page 2 of 2CD -A700_TECHD OC.pdf 042503 CONTROL I/O ARCHITECT'S SPECIFICATIONS PANELS AND REMOTE Parallel Control Notes: Commands when brought to ground for 30 msec or longer . CD Fader Start (14) latched function. Playback begins when the pin is brought to ground for more than 50 milliseconds, and stops when the pin is released for more than 50 milliseconds. CD Ev entplayback when the pin is brought to ground for 100 milliseconds. Tally collectors that indicate the associated f unction when the pin is brought to ground. 15V, 80mA current. Cont rol I/O Legend 1 3 5 7 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 9 11 13 15 Pin123456789101112131415 Compo nent & SignalCassette R eadyCassette Reverse PlayCassette F orward Pla yCD Track DecrementCD Track IncrementCD StopCD ReadyCommon GroundCassette StopCassette F ast ForwardCassette R ewindCassette Pla y TallyCD Pla y TallyCD Fader Start/R eadyCD Ev ent Start The CD player and cassette deck shall be combined into a single unit that can mount in three standard 19" rack spaces in height. The CD player shall be a single CD player with a power -tray loading mechanism. The cassette deck shall be a two hea d bi-directional pla yer and recorder . The CD player and Shuffle Play, a nd shall also be capable of continuous play of one track, or a ll tracks. The CD playerdirectly from the CD to the cassette. For increased dynamic r ange during recording, the cassette mechanism shall uti lize a switcha ble Dolb y B noi se reduction circuit. The ca ssettefunction. Pitch control ±12% range, adjustable from the front panel. The CD playerconnectors f or analog output, and SPD IF coaxial digital output. Additionalline outputs for cascaded output of the CD player a nd cassette deck shallbe pro vided on balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connectors. Line input for the cassette deck shall be pro vided on balanced XLR and unba lancedRCA connectors. The combo when powered up. The a vailable options shall be pla y CD, play tape and record ta pe. The CDTA SCAM RC -A500 wireless remote. Additional control may be accessedthrough a DB15 par allel port. Dimensions of the combo uni t shall be19" x 5 1/4" x 10 5/8" (W x H x D). Metri c mea surements: 483x138.5x270mm. The CD player and casset te deck unit shall be a TASC AM CD-A700. NOTE: Contractor CD-ROM.