Tascam 38 8 Track Recorder Service Manual

This is the 99 pages manual for Tascam 38 8 Track Recorder Service Manual.
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Tascam 38 8 Track Recorder Service Manual

Extracted text from Tascam 38 8 Track Recorder Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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TEAC Production Products


. 8-Track Recorder/Reproducer





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The guarantee of performance that we provide
for the 38 must have several restrictions. We
say that the recorder will perform properly
only if it is adjusted properly and the guarantee
is that such adjustment will be possible. How-
ever, we cannot guarantee your skill in adjust-
ment or your technical comprehension of
this manual. Therefore, Basic Daily Setup
is not covered by the Warranty. If your attempts
at such things as rebias and record E0 trim
are unsuccessful, we must make a service charge
to correct your mistakes.

Recording is an art as well as a science. A
successful recording is often judged primarily
on the quality of sound as art, and we obvious-
ly cannot guarantee that. A company that
makes paint and brushes for artists cannot
say that the paintings made with their pro-
ducts will be well received critically. The
art is the province of the artist. TASCAM can
make no guarantee that the 38 in itself will
assure the quality of the recordings you make.
Your skill as a technician and your abilities
as an artist will be significant factors in the
results you achieve.