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tascam 34 owners manual

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TEAC Production Products


4-Track Recorder -'Reproducer


5 7 00029500

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TASCAM 34 - Maintenance manual



Parts reference numbers used in the circuit
description may not always correspond to those
of the Model 34, except for the following
sections: 1-5 Reel Motor Drive Circuit, 1-9 F.F
and REW Operation, 1-10 Electrical Brake
System, 1-13 Edit Control Circuit and 1-16
Amplifier Circuit Description.


o All resistors are 1/4 watts, 5%. unless marked
otherwise. Resistor values are in ohms [K=1,000-
ohms, M=1,000,000 ohms].

* All capacitor values are in microfarads (D'Pico-

: A Parts marked with this sign are safety critical
components. They must always be replaced
with indentical components - refer to the TEAC
Parts List and ensure exact replacement.

I 0 dB is referenced to 1 V in this manual unless
otherwise specified.

a PC boards shown viewed from foil side.

Elm we". Im