Tascam 1984 Catalog

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Tascam 1984 Catalog

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TASCAM Series ~10 mm mnrriinus rim- 0" mac, mm
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571 4 ' 1,0 megabyte nnm floppy disk drive

TAQCAM SI llll 9 4071mm by a World lender in
Information Qtomge Technology

TASCAM is the professional products division of
TEAC Corporation (Tokyo Electro-Acoustic Com-
pany), founded in 1956. In the early 19705, when
8-track recording was in its infancy, TASCAM
built the first affordable multitrack tape machines
and mixing consoles (most of which are still in use)
Today's modern TASCAM mixers, recorders, signal
processors and accessories enjoy an enviable reputa-
tion for reliability and value.

In addition to TASCAM professional audio pro-
ducts and TEAC consumer audio products. we
make and sell a number of specialized products
under the TEAC label: multichannel precision in-
strumentation recorders, ultra-reliable airborne
video recorders (which have been used for pilot
training and the Space Shuttle program), and com-
puter data storage including cassette drives, high
density floppy disk drives, Winchester hard disk
drives, and a new DRAW (direct read after write)
optical disk system that can store gigabytes in the
space of yesterday's megabytes. Over the past 3
decades, as TEAC and TASCAM have grown
steadily, our goals have always remained in sharp
focus; our products are ultimately concerned with
the accurate recording and reproduction of sound,
pictures or data. So, when you compare the Series 40

to similar tape machines, there is no real competition.

- Industry standard 2, 4 and 8 track formats

a Balanced +4 dBm and unbalanced -10 dBV, compatible high all
professional equipment

° 24 dB of headroom ensures low distortion and allows more leeway
in mix levels

0 Sync playback response equal to repro response saves time by
allowing critical judgments during recording

' Capstan drives the back of the tape, eliminating tape scuffing
8r dropouts

D Full servo system, including capstan and reel motors, for faster and
more precise control of tape motion

- All servo adjustments accessible from front panel

' Manual and Dump Edit for fast and convenient editing, and a
splicing block in front of the heads where it belongs

' A custom microprocessor ensures rapid yet gentle tape handling
in all modes _

Out-of-the-carton, plug-in compatibility with all leading (SMPTE)
controller/synchronizers; no extras to buy

' Exceptionally low crosstalk means no wasted guard band track
needed to isolate SMPTE time code

' Multiple power supplies prevent heat build-up for longer service life

0 Premium components and exceptionally stable circuit design
contribute to superb long-term stability

0 Heavy duty chassis construction and motors explain why Series ~10
machines weigh as much as a third more than other brands