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tascam 122 mk2 brochure

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122mkIII Technical Documentation 7733 Telegraph R oad - Montebello , CA 90640 - (323) 726-0303 - http://www .tascam.comAll features and specifications are subject to change without notice. C\ ontact y our local TASCAM representativ e for the latest information. Page 2 of 3122mkIII_TECHDOC.pdf 032500 The 122mkIII has long been rev ered as the standard for cassette mastering, with few changes made to the original product design. The original 122 cassette deck w as in 1980. The 122 was TASCAM's first professional, r ack mounted, 3 head cassette deck with 2 speeds (1 7/8 and 3 3/4). A y ear after the product was first introduced, NBC standardized their entire oper ation using the TA SCAM 122. The reason NBC made the change w as because the 122 had all the capabilities for adjustments, and spectacular performance char acteristics. Aided b y NBC's practical endorsement of the T ASCAM 122, ABC and CBS followed, and before long the 122 became the industry standard. In 1987 the 122MKII continued T ASCAM's leadership in the professional cassette mark et. The new features included Dolby HX PRO, the ability to find locate points, a z ero return function, and pitch control. The 122mkIII was introduced in 1993 incorporating a new and impro ved tr ansport assembly utilizing the Hysteresis T ensionServo Control S ystem, further impro ving thereliability and stabilit y of the legendary 122 heritage. PRODUCT HISTORY Not all cassette decks are created equal. While most cassette decks off\ erDolby Noise R eduction of some sort, here are some features y ou won't find on most run-of-the-mill cassette decks: Balanced, Unbalanced, and Front Panel Line Connectorsinto any studio , anytime. The rear panel I/O accepts both balanced andunbalanced signals, and a front panel Line In pro vides simple patching ofancillary gear for reference copies, submixes, or spontaneous dubs. 2 Locate Points and Return To Zerocomparing multiple mixes in quick sequential order , or for marking cues.Return T o Zero is alw ays handy when recording multiple passes. Dolby HX Profrequency content. HX Pro recordings do not require an y decoding on playback, so the user can freely apply this system to their recordings. MPX Filtercan sometimes be compromised b y information around the pilot tone at19kHz, or the sub carrier note at 38kHz. The MPX Filter remo ves thesetroublesome frequencies. Oscillators, Front Panel Bias & Recording Level Controlsbr and of tape responds to recordings differently . Adjusting the bias controls on the recorder can help compensate for this. The 122mkIII's three head design allows for real time monitoring of the test tones as they are adjusted. For additional convenience, the test tone oscillatorsare built right in, so there's no extr a test equipment to track down. Front panel bias and recording lev el controls make biasing the 122mkIIIeffortless. Proper bias settings will result in more reliable sonic characteristics in most situations. THE 122mkIII ADVANTAGE ARCHITECT'S SPECIFICATIONS The cassette pla yer/recorder shall utiliz e a three head cassette mechanism, using separ ate heads for erase, record, and reproduce. The tr ansport shall be a directdrive mechanism and emplo y the Hysteresis Tension Servo Control S ystem for increased stabilit y. Inputs and balanced XLR plugs on the rear panel. An additional pair of 1/4" inputs shall be located on the front panel. Lev els shall be displa yed on large VU meters with peak LEDs for accur ate display of levels. The input lev el shall be controlled by large gear/clutched controls on the front panel. Stereo output lev el shall also be provided on the front panel for convenience. Headphone output with lev el control shall be pro vided on the front panel. Monitor panel for selection between input monitor mode and automatic monitor mode. Dolb y-„˘ B and C noise reduction shall be implemented and switched from the front panel. An MPX filter shall be switchable from the front panel. A pitchof pitch control, with a dedicated on/off control. Individualaccessible on the front panel, as well as 400Hz and 10kHz oscillators for con venient biasing of the machine. The the R TZ function (R eturn to Zero) and two locate points. An additional separ ate button shall trigger the repeat function which will loop between locate 1 and locate 2. A location with a readout displa ying minutes and seconds. A parallelremote control and tallies, and it shall be compatible withthe TASCAM RC -134 remote control. The form, taking three r ack spaces. The cassette mechanismshall have dimensions of 19" x 5 1/4" x 14" (W x H x D). Metric measurements : 482 x 132 x 356mm (W x H x D). The NOTE:Sound Contractor CD-ROM. Contact TASCAM for details.

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122mkIII Technical Documentation 7733 Telegraph R oad - Montebello , CA 90640 - (323) 726-0303 - http://www .tascam.comAll features and specifications are subject to change without notice. C\ ontact y our local TASCAM representativ e for the latest information. Page 3 of 3122mkIII_TECHDOC.pdf 032500 FRONT AND BACK PANEL OPTIONAL REMOTE (RC-134) PARALLEL I/O Pin12345678910111213141516171819202122232425 SignalPLA Y InFFWD InREW InPA USE InST OP InREC In NO T USED NOT USEDTAPE DIRECTION T ally NOT USEDPLAY TallyFF T allyREW T allyPA USE T allySTOP T allyREC T ally NOT USED NOT USEDREEL PULSE NOT USEDRTZ InFADER ST ART In NO T USEDGROUND+5V (Max 50mA) Control I/O Legend 16 18 20 15 17 19 21 24 22 14 23 25 1 3 5 7 2 4 6 89 11 13 10 12 Parallel Control Notes: All command the chart at left. The commands are activ e when brought to ground for more than 50 milliseconds or longer. FADER ST ARTfunction. Pla yback begins when the pin is brought to ground for more than 50 msec, and stops when the ground is released for more than 50 msec. Tally outputs tr ansport function when the pin is broughtto ground.