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stromberg carlson carlson ra 4 owners manual

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These instructions cover mounting of the RA-498 Pickup Arm on any turntable. Follow the instructions
step-hy-step. Do not install the viscous damping material until called for n step 9.

The Stromberg-Carlson Model PR~499 Turntable is drilled for this pickt 9 arm, therefore, when this arm is
installed on the Pit-499 Turntable. ignore steps marked with an asterisk ().

1. Drill turntabliliage for thgpickup arm, pickup wiring §_rxi_§§ni-rest.

g. The arm requires a l/-t"dia. mounting hole which can be located anywhere on snare with a radius of bid/'4"
from the center of the turntable. See figure 1 The arm-nest requires a 3,"16"dia. hole 5-1/2" forward ofthe
arm hole. Locate the arm-rest so that when the arm is on the rest. it will not interfere with placing a record
on the turntable. Provide a 1/4" hole for pickup wiring 1-1/4" left of the hole for the pickup arm.

l3. Provide a five terminal strip within 2" wiring distance of the 1/4" hole provided for wiring. The center
terminal must connect to the metal buseplate of the turntable assembly. therefore. a terminal strip with
center terminal used for mounting is satisfactory. Sec step 4 d

2. Install arm-rest.
Use the 3/16" hole provided in step 1. Before tightening. rotate the arm-rest to align the open portion of
the "U" clamp with the final position of the pickup arm. See figure 1.

3. Temporarily install pickup arm. See figure 2.
a. lnstall the base in the 1M" hole provided in step 1 When the top surface of the turntable is less than i"
above the pickup arm mounting surface (as for example. the Pit-499 Turntablewlace the flat washer and both
nuts on the base mounting stud. below the turntable baseplate.

When the top surface of the turntable is more than 1" above the pickup arm mounting surface. place one
nut above the buseplate and the flat washer and second nut below the base. Height will be adjusted in step 6.
t_). Loosen the retaining screw in the side of the pivot housing until it protrudes about 1/4" to 3/8" and place
the pivot housing on the base. See figure 2. Turn the retaining screw clockwise until it seats. When pro-
perly assembled. this retaining screw will extend into the base. under the pivot housing retainer and will
prevent lifting the housing off the base.

5. Assemble the pickup arm to the pivot housing and snap the arm into the "U" clamp on the top of the arm-
rest by pressing down on the arm.

g. Loosen the set-screw in the side of the arm-rest and raise or lower the plastic "U" clamp until the arm
is level. Tighten set-screw in arm-rest.

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