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stanton sk 1 owners manual

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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USE OF THIS PRODUCTFA I LU R ETO FO LLOWT H EI NST RU C TI O NSP R I N TE DB E LOWM AY VO I DWA R R A N TY¥ Follow all security advice printed on your mixer ¥When removing the unit's AC plug from the power source, grasp and pull the plug, NEVER the cord itself! ¥ Avoid placing your mixer near heat sources, such as power amplifiers. ¥When in use, place your mixer on a stable surface, away from vibration. Always use care when carrying your mixer. Impact, or heavy vibration may compromise the unit's mechanical integrity.The manufacturer is not responsible for damage resulting from an impact, or misuse. ¥When in use, place your mixer away from sources of hum or noise, such as transformers, or electric motors. ¥ To prevent overheating, always provide your mixer with adequate ventilation air space. ¥ Avoid stepping on your mixer's AC cord. Repeated compression of the cord may lead to electrical shorting. ¥ To avoid damage due to AC voltage peaks, always disconnect your mixer from the power source during electrical storms. ¥ Your mixer contains no user-serviceable parts. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage or personal injury resulting from unauthorized user-servicing or modifications. In addition, the warranty will be void if any unauthorized service by the user is detected. Always return you mixer to an authorized Stanton dealer for servicing.Thank you for making Stanton your first choice in professional DJ mixers. This new, innovative family of mixers has been developed with input from the profes- sional DJ community, bringing to the marketplace a previously unavailable, afford- able combination of user-friendly, functional design, rugged construction, and pro- fessional quality features. Stanton and your authorized Stanton dealer are dedicated to your complete satisfac- tion by offering benchmark service and support throughout the long life of your Stanton product. Again, we appreciate your patronage, and look forward to many years of making music together. Problem Excessive hum when using phono source. Low frequency hum while operating source unit.Cause Poor ground connection. Loose cartridge/headshell connection. Poor AC source ground. Loose input/output connec- tion. Shorted cable.Solution Properly connect turntable ground wire to mixer ground terminal. Check cartridge connection to headshell. Check head- shell connection to tonearm. Properly ground the AC source. Check all input and output connections for s e c u re fit. Isolate and re p l a c e the damaged cable. Pro g ram volume canÕt be adjusted with master vo l u m e c o n t ro l . No powe r.Amplifier or outboard gear connected to the re c o rd out- put. I m p roperly connected AC cord or power line source not on.Connect amplifier or outboard gear to master output. Properly connect AC cord to AC power source. Turn powe r on. The amplifier is turned up, but there is no signal. No signal in headphones.Faulty output connections Improper level adjustment. Improper connection. Improper level or cue mix settings.Properly connect amplifier, or outboard gear to mixer. Properly set crossfader, channel faders, gain con- trols, and input selector tog- gles. Check headphone connec- tion to mixer. Tighten if nec- essary. Adjust headphone level and cue mix to the proper level and channel settings. T RO U B LE S H O OTI N G