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stanton digipak owners manual

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CA UT ION CAUTI ON: T o reduce t he risk of electric shock, do not remove any cover . No user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel only . The lightning flash wit h arrowhead sy mbol within the equilateral triangle is int ended to alert the use t o the presence of un-insulat ed -dan gerous voltage- withi n t he product- s enclosure that may be of suf ficient magnit ude to constit ute a risk of electric shock. The exclamation point within t he equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to t he presence of important operation and maintenance (servicing) in structions in the literat ure accompanying this appliance. CAUTI ON To prevent electric shock, do not use this polarized plug with an extension co rd, receptacle or other outlet unless the blades can be fully inserted to prevent blade exposure. LINE VOLTAGE SELECTION 115V 23 0V 1) The desired voltage may be set with the VOLTAGE SELECTOR switch on the rear panel of the main unit, using a screwdriver. 2) Do not twist the VOLTAGE SELECTOR switch with excessive force as this may cause damage. 3) If the VOLTAGE SELECTOR switch does not move smoothly contact a qualified serviceman. NOTE ON USE