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sentec sca 1 owners manual

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The Sentec SCA-1 preamplifier was conceived and designed for
audio perfectionists. This preamplifier represents five years of
research in audiable effects ofvarious transistor topologies. Through
careful listening tests and technical analysis it has progressivly
become the SCA-1.

We sincerely hope it will fulfil your expectations. To ensure best
possible performance of your equipment. we urge you to take the
time of reading this instruction manual.

Thank you,
Stockholm, Sweden.

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lmmeditely upon receiving your preamplifier, inspect the package for
damages during shipment Unpack the unit carefully and save alla
packaging for future shipment in connection with service etc.


Take care to avoid hum fields and RF disturbances from other
electrical equipment when installing your preamplifier. Such problems
may arise if the unit or its connection leads are to close to other
devices which carry mains current or produce/ pickup other forms of
interference. Also avoid connecting equipment which produces
transients such as thermostat controlled equipment, motors etc to
the same mains outlet as your stereo system.


Power supply.
Put mains-switch in position off, insert the transformer PPS-151$ cord
to its input on SCA-1 and then plug the transformer into mains socket


All inputs and outputs for audio signals are of phono (RCA) type.
Preferably use male connectors of the same material as the female
connectors in unit. Otherwise there may occur oxidizing and
rectifying effects that means gross distorsion and RF disturbance
problems. If you intend to use a special cord with gold plated
contacts, your HiFi workshop can easely change SCA-1:s backpanel
contacts to your desire.

DC +/- 12 V output is not normaly used. This output contains DC
voltage that may be used to power low current external equipment i.e.
electronic filter, relays etc.

Ground terminal is used to connect turntable chassis to SCA-1


Power switch

This switch contains three positions. The standby (STBY) position
means that the preamplifier is turned on with all working voltages
applied, but no signals reaches the outputs. The SCA-1 is designed
for continuous operation and needs therefore not be turned off if not
used. This function does not affect the phones output.

Attenuator, (volume)

This control is stepped in calibrated attenuation levels and minimum
volume is fully counterclockwise. To achieve highest resolution for
this type of volumecontrol there is a gain setting control to the left of
main attenuator. This switch is located at the output and gives even
better S/N ratio at low listening levels. The gain setting switch does
not affect the phones output


Adjust balance between speakers for best stereo image. At normal
listening position this control should be at the center click if your
equipment is properly set up and normal speaker positions and
sufficient speakercords are used.