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Roberts A 901 90

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l. 2. Remove lid from camying case. Remove microphone and AC supply cord from storage compartment on left side of canying 0n-0ff Switch On the Model g0, t}is is a 2-position switch. When it is in the On position, power is turned on to the amplifier and tape deck. On the Models g0-S and 90-C, it is a 3-position switch. When the switch is pushed to the AII On position, power is turned on to the amplifier and tape deck. When it is in the Amp Off position, power is applied to the tape deck only. The Off position turns the power off to the entire unit. Vol ume Turning this control clockwise increases the volume in either record or playback. Turning it counterclockwise decreases the volume in either re- cord or playback. Tone This control firnctions inplayback only. Turning it clockwise from position 5 will increase the treble response; turning it counterclockwise from position b will attenuate tie response. Play-Record and Record Lock This is a 3-position control: Stop, play, and OPERAT ING Threading the Tape l. Place a full reel of tape on feed reel spindle (6?), making certain the reel slots engage the protrusions on the pan. place an empty reel on take-up spindle (2?), again making certain the slots engage the protrusions on thJpan. 2. Unwind about 14 inches of tape from the supply reel. Hold a section of tape taut and insert into the tape slot, making sure the dull-coated side faces the rear of the recorder. 3. Insertthe freeendof thetape intooneofthe slots inthe hub of the take-up reel. While holding the end in place, turn the reel two orthree times to secure t}te tape to the reel. To Make a Monaural Recording I. P-lug a microphone into the Microphone jack, or place a signal from some other sburce into t}re Line Input jack. 2. Depress the Record Lock and simultaneously turn the Play-Record control to ttre Record po_ sition. 3. Adjust the Volume control until the average reading on the VU meter is -b. Page 2 P REPAR ING FO R O PERAT ION case. 3. Make certain all tion- controls are in the Stop posi- FUNCTIONS OF CONTROLS Record. Turning this control clockwise from the Stop position places the unit in ptay. Depressing the Record Lock and turning the control to the Record position at the same time, places the unit in Record. NOTE: This control is interlocked with the Wind- Rewind control. It must be in the Stop position bef ore ttte Wind -Rewind c ontrol can be op e rated. Wind-Rewind Turning this controlto the left places tlreunit in ttte Wind position; to the right, in the Rewind position. NOTE: This control is interlocked with the play- Record control. It must be in the Stop position before the play-Record control can be operated. Pause When this lever is raised, pressure is removed from the drive capstan, and the take-up reel is dis_ engaged. This permits spot editing and momentary stops. NOTE: This control is not on the Model g0. INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: Do not connect a speaker or other low- impedance load to the Output jack while making a recording. To Make a Stereo Recording l. Connect the interconnecting cable from the Channel-2 head jack to the stereo channel inthe Model 4-901 amplifier. 2. Move the On-Off switch on the tape recorder to AII On. Move the On-Off switchon theamplifier to On. 3. Turn the Volume control until the VU meter reads -5. 4. PIug microphones into the Microphone Input jacks, orplace signals from another sourceinto t}te Line Input jacks. 5. Depress the Record Lock and simultaneously turn the Record-play control on the tape trans_ port to Record. 6. PlacethePlay-Record switchon A-g0Iamplifier in Record. ?. On Model 90-C, turn the switch on the built_in preamplifier, on bottom of the case, to Out.

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FIG. I TOP VIEW OF MECHANISM WITH ESCUTCHEON REMOVED. F o E tT 'ta 8g -F our ti' 7 - F It/lonaural Playback 1. Thread the tape (see "Threading the Tape"). 2. Turn the unit on and allow a few seconds for it to warm up. 3. Turn the Play-Record control to Play. 4. Adjustthe volume andtone to thedesired listen- ing leveI. Stereo Playback l. Thread the tape (see "Threading the Tape"). 2. Turn the tape recorder switch to Alt On. Turn the A-90I amplifier switch to In. 3. Connect the interconnecting cable from the Channel-2 jack of the tape recorderto the Stereo jack on the amplifier. 4. Make certain the Play-Record switch on the amplifier is in Play. 5. Turn the Play-Record controlon the tapetrans- port to Play. 6. Adjust theVolume controls onthe tape recorder and amplifier to a balanced output. Speed Change To change the tape from 7 V 2 to 3 3/ 4 ips, re- move the thumbscrew and bushing from the capstan. When the bushing is not being used, store it on the bushing post. lndex Counter After atape is threaded onthe recorder, set the Index Counter to "000". The index numbers can then be noted at the beginning of each selection, for future reference. External Speaker An external speaker may be plugged into the Output jack. The internal speakerwill be fusconnected when using an external speaker. Erasing Tape To erase one track of a tape, turn the knob on top of the head clockwise. This raises the erase head tothe half-track position. To erase both tracks at the same time, turn the knob counterclockwise. This Iowersthe erase headto the full-track position. When the unit is in the Record position, the erase head is automatically positioned before a new recording is made. To erase the tape without putting a new re- cording on it, turn the volume to minimum and the Play-Record control to Record. To Use the Second Track (ltylonaurall l. Turn the Play-Record control to Stop. "n O I n u) Page 3