Quad 12 L2 Brochure

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Quad 12 L2 Brochure

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Philosophy Quad has, since the 1950s, led the field in loudspeaker development. The famous Quad electrostatics are now, quite rightly, regarded amongst the very finest loudspeakers money can buy. With a fifty strong R&D team, our research into acoustics and reproduction leads the field in development of quality hi fi equipment. British design and engineering coupled with the industrys most efficient manufacturing facility combine to create products unequalled in terms of value and performance. Our philosophy is simple that of producing the closest approach to the original sound-¦. Our philosophy is based upon a belief that hi fi should add nothing nor remove anything from a recording merely reproduce it. The resulting sound should be without artefacts, distortion, colouration and truly revealing of the recording process. Buying a first Quad system is often a revelation to customers. Although neither artificially impressive nor imposing, it will produce a natural performance and an ease of listening that is captivating from the start. Quad products are sometimes seen as the kind of products bought at the end of a journey through hi fi; we believe they mark the beginning. The Quad