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Quad 12 L Brochure

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L-Series The QUAD 11L The 11L is the entry point for the series, with a single five inch KEVLAR bass/mid driver and a 25mm textile dome tweeter. Despite its diminutive size, the 11L boasts some of the finest top to bottom cohesion you will ever find in a stand mount speaker and is accurate and smooth through the mid-range in true Quad style. Careful placement will extend the bass response signifi- cantly, giving this speaker a performance well beyond the scale of its dimensions -“ yet throughout the frequency range this speaker is articulate and musical for a thoroughly refined and enjoyable listen. The QUAD 12L The cabinet volume and drive unit size are slightly larger than the 11L to produce a wider frequency response in the bass region. A 6.5" KEVLAR bass/mid driver replaces the 5" unit. In most other respects, they are similar to the 11L. Elegant and simple, the unclut- tered design has a remarkable dynamic range for such a small speaker -“ a consequence of the accuracy and speed of the long-throw driver under pressure. 2 The Quad What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year 2002-2003 Best stereo speaker 250-500 2004-2005What Hi-Fi? Product of the and 2003-2004. Best stereo speaker 250-500 2004-2005What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year Full Size Speaker Packages 2004-2005 Quad L Sub is best subwoofer 2004 from What Hi-Fi?Quad 11L is Best Stereo Speakers of the Year 2004 from What Hi-Fi? Hi-Fi News Separates System of the Year 2003-2004Hi-Fi News Separates System of the Year 2004-2005

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3 These [11L] Quads have that extra touch of monitor-like finesse that brings them out of the midprice bracket and into the upper echelons of audiophilia. -“ Hi-Fi World The Quad 11L shown is one of our Collectors Editions - limited runs of only 500 pairs in an exotic veneer - in this case, Ebony.

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10 A revolutionary drive unit material is only the start of the technological innovations that make this new Quad subwoofer a fine addition to any surround or stereo system. The new tri-lam cone is a composite construction comprising of a hydralically moulded and thermoset lamination of three materials. The inner layer is bi- directional weave carbon fibre, the two outer layers are bi-directional weave glass fibre. The outer rim of the cone incorporates rim-edge stiffening within the design. The resulting cone is extremely rigid and lightweight, ensuring very low energy losses, even at extremes of volume, and without the delays associated with high- mass paper pulp or plastic cones commonly used in subwoofer drivers. Further innovations include a powerful 300WRMS amplifier module coupled with a brand new filter stage. A microprocessor controlled filter section has been developed adjustable between 35 and 85Hz in 10Hz steps -“ each having a discrete path for the cleanest signal possible. A full function remote control allows the user to calibrate the subwoofer (crossover, volume and phase) from the listening position and store up to four settings in the memory, which can be recalled at the touch of a button. Finished in the same choice of high quality piano lacquered veneers as the existing L-series models, the L- subwoofer is as attractive a piece of furniture as it is accomplished as a reference subwoofer. The Technology L Subwoofer