Nakamichi 550 Owners Manual

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Nakamichi 550 Owners Manual

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Nakamichi 550

Dual-Tracer The Versatile Cassette System
perating Instructions

kamicht 560

input tevefi L *O» R n NakfiMiChi 550

dim [313 tape affirm phcxms 333, m u s: U23! o o Jun vcu o 4,; puvvmt

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Welcome to the Nakamichi Revolution.
You have just purchased one of the most
' advanced cassette systems available today,
the Nakamichi 550 Dual-Tracer.

With its newly developed Focused-Gap
head and servo-controlled tape transport,
the Nakamichi 550 is capable of a level
of performance that is only exceeded by
our own Tri-Tracer machines, the
Nakamichi 700 and 1000.

We urge you to examine this instruction
manual carefully. The brief time you
spend familiarizing yourself vvith the
many features and, capabilities of the
550 Will :not only enable you. to
appreCiate: the flexibility designed into it,
but will help you secure rec0rdings of
outstanding quality.