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The MOON CD-1 Playersets a new benchmark for entry-level high- performance CD Players; The most affordable MOONdigital player to date, it offers all of the sonic hallmarks that have allowed Simaudio CD players to reach legendary status. Borrowing on technologies found in both our Classic series and Evolution series players, the CD-1 offers an analog, life-like sonic character so convincing that youll feel as ifyoure attending a live musical event, time and time again. With features such as a large and easy-to-read display, an IR input, a RS-232 port, and an industrial build quality, the MOON CD-1will provide for many years of listening pleasure and hassle-free use.The MOON i-1 Integrated Amplifier, like all of its predecessors, offers exceptional sonic performance and genuine ease-of-use. Laden with features for the discerning music lover including a front-mounted mini- jack input for portable music players, an IR input, and an RS-232 port, the MOON i-1bolsters a high-current continuous power output of 50 watts per channel into 8 ohm and 100 watts into 4 ohm. As the center piece of your home-entertainment system, the MOON i-1 offers exceptional value, easily providing more features and better performance than anything else in its class. MOON CD-1 CD Player Significant Design Features MOON i-1 Integrated Amplifier Significant Design Features A massive power supply using a large custom toroidal transformer.RS-232 port for full unsolicited bidirectional feedback in custom installation setups & firmware updates; IR input for external control; and SimLink- controller port for 2-way communications between other compatible MOON components. Headphone output on standard 1/4 jack located on the front panel. Accurate digital clocking system for exceptionally low intrinsic jitter levels. Proprietary CD drive system with in-house developed hardware & software. RS-232 port for full unsolicited bidirectional feedback in custom installation setups & firmware updates; IR input for external control; and SimLink- controller port for 2-way communications between other compatible MOON components. Ultra-low noise toroidal transformer driven power supply with 8 stages of DC voltage regulation. i-1 Specifications Power Supply Transformer 320VA Power Supply Capacitance 20,000µF Class of Operation - Amplifier Class A/B Number of inputs 5 (RCA) and 1 Mini-jack (1/8) Input Sensitivity 370mV - 3.0V RMS Input Impedance 11,000Ω Tape Output - Fixed 1 (RCA) Preamplifier output - Variable 1 (RCA) Headphone output 1 ( 1/4 Stereo Jack) Output Power @ 8Ω/ @ 4Ω50 watts/ch / 100 watts/ch Output Impedance 0.04Ω Damping Factor (static) > 200 Signal-to-noise Ratio 101dB @ full power Max. Output Current 15A Peak / 9A Continuous Frequency Response 10Hz - 100kHz +0/-3dB Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) < 0.05% THD (20Hz - 20kHz @ 1 watt / @ 50 watts) < 0.015% / < 0.02% Remote Control Full-Function (CRM) Power Consumption at idle 11 Watts AC Power Requirements 120V / 60Hz or 240V / 50Hz Shipping Weight 22 lbs / 10 kgs Dimensions (W x H x D, inches) 16.875 x 3.5 x 14.75 Specifications subject to change without notice Technical information The three response curves above demonstrate (i) a theoretically perfect transformer regulation factor of 0% (green), whereby voltage remains stable regardless of the current draw, (ii) a very low regulation factor of 5%(black), found in MOON amplifiers, where the voltage drops very slightly as the current draw increases and (iii) a typical regulation factor of 12% (red), whereby, as the current draw increases, power supply voltage drops significantly. A power supply transformer with a low regulation factor assures that power into more difficult speaker loads will be delivered closer to the theoretical ideal. These transformers are significantly more expensive, but are the only way to assure stability and consequently excellent sound quality under all conditions. A high damping factor ensures an excellent grip on woofer cone motion, which reduces overshoot, and unwanted oscillations. Also greatly improving immunity to variations in quality and length of speaker cables used. A great deal more energy from an integrated amplifier is required to reproduce musical information below 400Hz. Amplifiers with a low damping factor (and higher output impedance) have to work harder to produce this energy. The majority of integrated amplifiers possess a damping factor in the range well below 100 (red), as shown above. Simaudio integrated amplifiers operate with very low output impedances (typically <0.04 ohms), therefore yielding a damping factor greater than 200 in the all-important sub-400Hz range. Significantly better dynamics result in a much more powerful and authoritative bottom-end... The immense energy of a full symphony orchestra comes to life in your own home.