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moog little phatty owners manual

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Page 4 Page 5 LP User-s Manual - The Basics The Setup and Connections section below explains how to unpack, setup and connect the Little Phatty, and provides a quick start to get you up and running with your new synthesizer. The Components section offers detailed explanations of the components that create and modify sound. First time users should check out the tutorial in Appendix A, where you will find an explanation of sound and subtractive synthesis. For those interested MIDI interface specifics, see the section titled -How the Little Phatty handles MIDI-, as well as the MIDI Interface Specification, Appendix B. Throughout the manual you will see icons that point out additional information: This icon indicates an important note concerning the operation of the Little Phatty. This icon indicates a useful performance or programming tip. This icon indicates technical information for the advanced user or the technically curious. In a perfect world, everyone would read the User-s Manual from cover to cover before connecting and play - ing their new instrument. For those of you who don-t live in a perfect world and can-t wait to play your new synthesizer (completely understandable!), the following should get you set up and running quickly. Note: We encourage you to read the entire manual at some point to learn more about the instrument and gain a better understanding of what you can do with the Little Phatty. Check the contents in the shipping carton The Little Phatty is shipped with the following items: 1. The Little Phatty Synthesizer 2. Power cord 3. Users Manual 4. Warranty registration card 5. A CD-ROM featuring highlights from the Bob Moog Memorial Celebration service 6. A special Bob Moog Tribute poster What you will need In addition to the Little Phatty and provided accessories, you will need: 1. A stand or table sufficient to support the Little Phatty 2. A 1�4- instrument cable and amplifier, or a pair of headphones 3. A properly wired AC outlet. How to Use this Manual Setup and Connections