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Marantz PM 5 Service Manual

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Using superior design and selected high grade components, MARANTZ Company has created the ultimate in stereo sound.
Only original MARANTZ parts can insure that your MARANTZ product will continue to perform to the specifications for
which it is famous.

Parts for your MARANTZ stereo are generally available within 72 hours throughout the nation via a toll-free line to our
National Parts Depot in California The sales professionals who take your call immediately refer to their own desk top com-
puter terminal and can quickly determine the availability and price information you require. If for some reason, your order
should exceed our available stock, we usually can instantly provide an alternate replacement part or current delivery infor-
mation. When the order is placed and confirmed, the computer simultaneously generates "hard copy orders at the
distribution center. As hard copies come directly from the computer to the national parts depot, your requested stock is
assembled and prepared for shipment and placed on the first available carrier for delivery to you.


Phone orders will eliminate mail delays, and we encourage the use of this method. If you order by mail, use MARANTZ parts
order forms which are available from our National Parts Depot located at the following address:

20525 Nordhoff Street
Chatsworth, California 91311
Phone: 1-800-423-5108

The following information must be supplied to eliminate delays in processing your order:

t Complete address.

Complete part numbers.

Complete description of parts.

. Model number for which part is required (indicate MARANTZ).
. Account number (for account customers only).


Direct consumers will be provided with the current retail prive quotation on available parts in order to advise them of the cost
of the parts and shipping.


Parts may also be order:'l from the following overseas addresses:

Superscope Canada, Ltd. Superscope (Australasia) Ptyt, Ltd. Marantz Japan, Inc.
3710 Nashua Drive 32 Cross Street (PO. Box 604) 3622 Kamitsuruma
Mississauga Brookvale 2100 N,S,W. Sagamihara Shi
Ontario, Canada L4V1M5 Australia Kanagawa, Japan

Marantz Europe, StA. Marantz France Marantz Audio U.K. Ltd, Marantz GmbH
Avenue Leopold Ill, 2 Rue Louis Armand 9 London Road, 203 Max-Planck-Strasse 22
7120 Peronnes-Lez-Binche 92600 Asnieres Staines 0-6072 Dre ieich 1
Belgium Hautsde-Seine Middlesex West Germany
France England

All of the above locations are fully equipped to take care of your total service needs. Because various countries have differing
configuration requirements, it is necessary that you contact the service facility in your particular country. In the event that
there is no service location listed for your country, please contact the nearest facility for the necessary assistance