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manley laboratories 175 owners manual

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INTRODUCTION!THANK YOU!... for choosing the Manley Euro 175 Monoblock Amplifiers. Designed by David Manley, the Manley Euro 175 Monoblock Amplifiers use only the best available components, with the shortest and cleanest signal path possible, and with the use of our own in-house CNC machine shop we can provide you with a amplifier that looks as good as it sounds. The circuit and the components used have been chosen carefully after years of development and refinement for reliability, constancy and most importanly, musical, accurate, and emotional delivery of the sound. The circuit topology is similar to other designs in the MANLEY range. This amplifier is configured for ULTRALINEAR or "partial-triode" operation which achieves the seductive quality of triode operation without the inefficiency and sacrifice in power of triode operation. We emphasize big, beefy resevoir capacitors in the high voltage supplies giving plenty of instant energy for dynamic performance of transient peaks and bass performance which often exceeds that of rival solid-state amplifiers. We run high voltages on the plates of the output tubes and are thus able to run them at lower current which will result in longer life for the output tubes. Each output tube has its own bias adjust, and the procedure for adjusting each tube's current draw is described in this manual. The output transformer has been factory set in series-parallel for an optimum 5 ohm load which will drive most speakers. Other output impedances can be achieved by changing the configuration of the transformer secondary. Please contact us at the factory should you need to do this. Thank you again, and please enjoy! GENERAL NOTES LOCATION & VENTILATION The Manley Euro 175 Monoblock Amplifiers must be installed in a stable location with ample ventilation. Allow a minimum of 2 inches of clearance on the top and sides of the amplifiers, such that constant movement of air can flow. Do not place amplifiers directly on high pile carpet or any other surface that will block the ventilation holes underneath the amplifiers. If you have small children or pets, you should consider placing the amplifiers out of reach or using the optional cages (covers) available as an option to prevent damage to the amplifier or damage to your small children or pets by the amplifier as the tubes do get hot during operation. WATER & MOISTURE As with any electrical equipment, these amplifiers should not be used near water or moisture. If liquid enters the amplifier, it must be immediately returned to your dealer for servicing. SERVICING The user should not attempt to service the amplifier beyond that described in the owner's manual. Refer all servicing other than biasing and tube replacement to Manley Laboratories SPECIAL NOTES Tubes may become loose during transit. Straighten and press down each tube before plugging the amplifier into the mains socket. Furthermore, do not touch the tubes after the amplifier has been switched on, as the tubes become very hot during operation and should only be handled after the power has been turned off and the tubes have cooled. WARNING! TO PREVENT THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN THE CABINET REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED PERSONEL