Linn Helix Owners Manual

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Linn Helix Owners Manual

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2INTRODUCTION Thank you for choosing our Linn HELIX LS150 Loudspeakers, the result of extensive design and development work. The HELIX set new standards of performance in loudspeakers of this type. Remember, no loudspeaker is capable of improving the quality of the input signal so the HELIX should be used with good quality ancillary equipment. INSTALLATION Before unpacking the speakers, please remove all staples from the carton to avoidpossible damage to the cabinets. When removing the loudspeakers from their boxes, lift the cabinets out by their sides. This will avoid possible damage to the grilles and their drive units. Please retain all packing for possible future transportation. All loudspeakers perform best when rigidly mounted. To achieve this, Linn have designed a stand for the HELIX, which includes stabilising floor spikes. These stands give optimum sound quality and ensure that the drive units are correctly positioned for the listener.ISTANDS

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3 Connection of the loudspeakers to the amplifier should be made with a good quality cable. Linn K20 loudspeaker cable is ideal, the leads should be terminated with the connectors supplied to ensure optimum performance. The use of other connectors will degrade the sound quality of your system. The cable is marked with the Linn symbol to indicate directionality. The bare wires shown should be connected to the amplifier and the end marked with the circular logo should he connected to the loudspeakers. < LOUDSPEAKERSAMPLIFIER > Take care to ensure that the wiring is correct. The red socket is positive and the black is negative. The positive wire (red connector) is identified by a rib along the side of the cable. HELIX speakers are designed to perform best when placed close to a wall. Ideally the rear of the loudspeaker should be between 4" and 12" (10 and 30cm) from the wall and at least 18" (45cm) from any corner. HELIX can also benefit from being angled inward slightly by 5 to 10 degrees. These are general guidelines and a little experimentation with positioning will optimise results for a particular room, your dealer will be pleased to do this when he installs your equipment.CONNECTIONSPOSITIONING