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jolida jd 100 a owners manual

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Dear Client:

We at Jolida want to thank you for purchasing the JD 100A Vacuum Tube Compact Disc Player. The
company that stands behind your CD Player draws on a decade of tube design and manufacturing
experience. In addition to our engineering knowledge is a commitment to our client to provide the
highest level of quality sound at an affordable price. Our commitment to value has resulted in audio
ampliļ¬ers and associated tube equipment that has the sonic characteristics of what is referred to as
-œHi-end-. Jolida has achieved the goal through modem designprinciples, quality parts, craftsmanship
and strict attention to efļ¬cient purchasing and production. We are conļ¬dent that your CD Player will
provide you with years of listening pleasure.

Before using this unit, please take the time to carefully read and understand the safety instructions
and operating information before you install or attempt to operate your JD 100A. Becoming familiar
with important facts about your CD Player and its correct operating procedures will help assure you of
safe usage, maximum musical satisfaction, and reliable operation. Take special care to follow the
warnings indicated on the unit itself as well as the safety suggestions found in the owners manual.
The effort you invest now will be well rewarded as time goes by.

Jolida, lnc.

Please check your unit's rear panel and record in the space below:

Model Number: JD 100A
Serial Number:
Please ļ¬ll out the warranty card enclosed with this package. if the warranty card is

not sent in, the warranty time will be reduced to nine months. Keep your owner's
manual and receipt in a safe place for future reference.

Table of Contents

Section Page No.
Safety Precautions 3, 4
General information

About Your CD Player 5
Construction and Testing 5
Vacuum Tubes 5
Packaging 5
Getting Started 6
Front Panel Controls and Functions 7
Remote Control Diagram and Description 8
Where Do i Go Next: Functions 8, 9, 10
Additional Information 10, 11
Should i Replace My Tubes 11
Troubleshooting and Service 11, 12
Warranty and Conditions 13
Technical Speciļ¬cations 14