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janszen z 700 brochure

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3 Z-700*

a compact, shelf-model speaker system
incorporating the famous JansZen Electrostatic
and the Model 350 Dynamic

Impressive in everything but size and price, the Z-700 de-
livers the spectacular aural clarity, definition, and range that
have long been hallmarks of the JansZen Electrostatic and
the Model 350 dynamic woofer. In the Z~700 these famous
components have been integrated into a unified speaker sys~
tem capable of reproducing every musical or vocal sound with
the utmost realism attainable with modern materials tech-

Happily, these components work best in a cabinet of the
Z-700s minimum dimensions. Finished on all four sides, the
2-700 can be placed vertically or horizontally as desired . . .
in cabinets, bookcases, tables, or used as a console

Used singly for monophonic reproduction or in pairs for
stereo. the Z-700s reproduction is so realistically transparent
that the speaker almost seems to disappear" as a link be-
tween the original performance and you, the listener. Even
instruments having similar harmonic characteristics retain
their individuality. Transient and harmonic distortions are
almost immeasurable at any listening leveli Devoid of all
false resonances, hangover, or boom, the Z-700 provides ex-
ceptionally uniform response from a clearly-defined 30 to
beyond 30,000 cycles per second.

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The clean. uncolored treble of the 2-700 is reproduced
by a pair of JansZen Series 130 Electrostatic mid/high
range radiators which have been matched within :1 db.
Each radiator contains 176 push-pull sheathed conduc-
tors, Mounted in opposing arrays. these conductors
provide uniform forces to laterally move the eight sensi-
tive diaphragms with the same amplitude and in the
same phase over their entire surfaces, Like ideal acous-
tic pistons. the diaphragms behave as if they had
neither stiffness nor mass- in short. as if they were
not there at all.

Low frequencies are reproduced by our Model 350C
dynamic woofer-the only cone woofer specifically-
designed to match the low distortion. transparent char-
acteristics of the JonsZen Electrostatic. In the Z~700.
this remarkable woofer has been further refined to pro-
vide optimum, peak-free response when sealed in the

One Model 3500 cone woofer integrally sealed in a fiber-
glass-filled enclosure together with two JansZen 130
Electrostatic Radiators, power supply, and high-pass
Frequency Range:
Magnet Structure:
Crossover Network:

30 cps to beyond 30,000 cps
10,000 gauss over a 5/16" gap length.

LliC highpass filter for electrostatic only. Mechani»
cal roll-off on woofer. Very broad crossover region,
1000-2000 cps for perfect blending of woofer to

Impedance: 8 ohms.

High Frequency uispersion: 70-degrees

Power cord Inplt: 100130 volts. 50-60 cycles AC, halts drain.
(Operates an internal, solid state power supply that
furnishes bias power to the electrostatic radiators,
Because power components are designed for con-
tinuous duty, it is beneficial to leave the wer
cord In so in" to a live race tacle at all times.)

Complete loudspeaker guaranteed for two (2) lull years.


new. compact cabinet. The light-mass cone of the woofer
is effectively weighted at the apex to give smooth roll-oft
above 2000 cycles without the intrusion of transient-
degreding crossovers. A flexible rim of foam-treated
cloth attaches the cone to the cast aluminum frame and
allows 5/8" piston-like conc excursions without breakup
or doubling at any frequency. This unique cone is
so perfectly controlled by a 10.000 gauss magnet struc-
ture that it will handle musical powers up to 100 watts.

5 "m lotto":.n'lii'hai?
p r i c e 3
Model finish Allllplll Ilot
(Slighl'u higher in m Wad)
Z-700 W Lacquered Walnut $169.95
1-700 0W Oiled Walnut 169.95
Z-700 U Utility (unfinished. $154.95

unselected birch)

weights and dimensions

list mint Slipping Woiglt (l X II I ll)
44 lbs. 54 lbs.
20 kilos 24.5 kilos 15 x26113V4

incorporating designs by Arthur A. Junszen
made exclusively by NESHAMINY ELECTRONIC CORE, Furlong, Pa.

Print In U.S.A.