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gas ampzilla 500 brochure

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The GAS SOC/AMPZILLA as the new palvnvch or the GAS
Company's sleteo powev-ompuev ramw Auqnenhng on
excellent all-cmnrory base uran-l-ev cucuu wnn truly
Innovahve lecmologv. GAS Corruonv's englneenng slall
has crealed a sonc maslerplece

GAS SOC/AMPZILLA ls equally ol ease In me home o! In
Induslrlol audio appllconons ll dehvets I'S ruled power-250
Walls pal channel at 6 Ohms, 375 Walls p9! channel all A
Ohms, and 500 Watts pet channel ul 2 Ohms-Ink) all types
0' load vano'lons (eleclloslolrc pl inductive. complex or
ample) lhls mmumy lo a was votlely 01 load condmons ls
largely yesponsble la the superlor sound 0! me GAS
SOC/AMPZILLA as well as olhey GAS omplvllels. Twenlvlour
solid-copper-Dase outpul "onsrsias pvovme GAS
SOC/AMPZILLA wllh rock-sow rehabth and enhanced
sale-0190 099ch100 0' loads down lo 2 Ohms Ils ' blule»
slreng'h" pedormonce Is so Impressrve that our englneels
have acluclly arc welded aneclly "om the omphler's
audlo-oufpm lelmlnolsl

GAS .-zOO/AMFZILLA'S "llghmngvlosl" slew Vale of : 100
V0": per mlcrcrsecond (a measuve ol me ompllnel 5
speed) and ulna-wade Dandwldm at 300 KHz endow IIS
sound wllh excilmg hagh-hequency resolullon Curelul
matching ol 0 limaled omoum ol Inverse leedbock lo GAS
SOC/AMPZILLA-s rugh~speed cucultvy llee Iv "om pom slew-
lnduceo (SID) and tronsuanl-Imermodubhon (lIM) alslomon
Ina vesull IS cryslulllne some clamv and unconcmonol cucull

The GAS/AMPZILLA ueslgn Is the 195m! 01 a coveluny-
conllolled evolution 01 GAS Company's clossm: oll~
complemenloly Clrcumv GAS's newesl omplmer not only
Innems thls legacy, ll teaches new helghls of some oc-
curacv and Pugh-power peflovmonce. GAS {DO/AMPZILLA
ls oesllned lo become a class:c omplmer In :15 own ugh!

GAS 500/ AMPZILLA's many lectures Include.

l 24 sow-coppov-bose outpul semlcommlots 101 In
creased outpul power at 2 Ohms.

2. Slow vale cl :loo Volts/y sec significantly reduces
ugh-frequency dslonlon

3- ExtendedbondwldlhloSOOkHz.


Fwy-complementary Cncul'l-y Woughoul
Savoconnolleo DC coupllng alter mn copacntot
Speakabpvolacnon valcv provudes delayed Ium on
lntoguol-lun lowed-ow ccolmg system
Unconclmomlly Slade nnlo any loco
LED's (kgm-emmng modes) Indlcole output volloge
Low-level class A opemllon
Negllglble slewlnmncmced (SID) and lionslenl-lnduced
(TlM) (14le
, Mossrve l-h Kllowon power nonslovmer lov 50 and 00
Hz Coercion
34,000 51F 01 computer-glam elecnolync lmenng co-
000.015. 1
Standard ElA lock-mountable from panel
Closelolewrvce componenls' gloss-epoxy pnnled~cw
cull boards lhroughoul, speokel Dlndlng posts wulh Da-
rlene-Type plugs. Mll~spec. anodizing gold-plated maul




Twenvy-tout (twelve per channel) solod-coppev Dose oulpul
semaonduclas exlend GAS SOOI'AMPZILLA-S oulpul pet-
lolmance down to 2 Ohms.

Pcwav Oulwl ln wall: 01 8 ON-: 250 (i-AOBW) «3 ms man 051
"MS W Chow 20 H2-2O IN! N D-
h ADV-) J75 0 -WHOM?! DH
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"Slfy mim'or'u lM HraTM mum-c 0 061
Dmomorn nom o 25 wan; lo [M 005:
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l 1mm? Awflled ,__ _
m: 552949:
2 room; mom
2 )0 Mourns/u hacg'o 7
-Q m "cm 0 l7"; lo an: >¥fi

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