Fisher MT 6225 Service Manual

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Fisher MT 6225 Service Manual

Extracted text from Fisher MT 6225 Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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Nominal Specifications for Information Only


Power Requirements


Motor Linear Direct
Drive Direct
Wow and Flutter (WHMS) 0.03 96
Rumble -70 dB
Speed Variation i 0.5 96
Speed Control Range :3 %
Tracking Force Range 0.6 - 3.5 grams
Platter Diameter 12-15/16"
Platter Weight 22 lbs.
Strobo Light Yes
Record Speed Selector 33/45 rpm
Auto Function

Stop Yes

Reject Yes
Manual Function

Start Yes

Stop Yes
Tone Arm Data

Resonance <10 Hz

Balance Adjustment Cou met-Weight

Effective Length 222 mm

Shape S-Form

Horizontal Thrust

Friction Sensitivitv 0.15 gram

Vertical Pivot

Friction Sensitivity 0.2 gram
Max. Tracking Error 115'
Anti Skate Control Adjustable
Cueing Viscous Damped

110/220VAC 110%


17-3/4"x6"x14-1/ "


1717 lbs.

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