Fairlight cmi iix release 19 manual

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fairlight cmi iix release 19 manual

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Page 2C M I Series IIX Software Release - Revision 19 (continued)PAGE I Page I MIDI setup can be saved to disk as a .MC file allowing instant recall of complex MIDI patches. Some SMPTE parameters are saved also. These are: time code reader frame rate time code generator frame rate drop frame switch rate jam sync switch rate. To save a MIDI setup, type SAVE FILENAME.MC When the file has been saved, its name will appcar in the CFG: box at the bottom lefthand of screen. Note that you must type the .MC part of the filename. Otherwise, it will be assumed that filenameis a voice and will probably display the error message FILENAME NOT LOADED. To load a previously saved MIDI file, type LOAD FILENAME.MC The filename will appear in the CFG: box as previously described. Whenever you load a .MC file, it will turn off the time code reader and generator. To reset Page I, save the default (normal) setting as a file. Thcn, later on, loud that same file when you want to reset Page 1. Page I MIDI configuration files (ending in.MC) can only be loaded or saved from Page I. Page 2 and Page L can display files with the .MC suffix.