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elka ek 22 users manual

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EK22 - EM22

ElJ congratulations tor hevmg chosen the EK 22 synthesizer. This
instrument has been designed to produce some at the highest
quality and to guarantee a very high standard at reiiabllty.

In order to obtain the maximum performance from this unstrw
merit. we advise you to tollow this instruction manual wrth
extreme attention.

MEEE-I- -to

newer" more. ,mfl
low "amuse Desert Mutt oleruv me! rhesus um:

weuro Levee mo -W173: anon owe"
meet euro want. KIWOAIO
um-mvaouo elucron
SPECIFICATIONS Pedal end the Wheel. which are rot available in the Master

The ELKA EK 22 keyboard is a 6 voice programmable synthesizer
with dynamic touch sensitivity and Second Touch (pressure

it has 96 presets oi which 32 are orogrmmabte.

The memory contained in the Horn 22 cartridge expands the inter-
nal memory ol the instrument by M Proaeta wh-ch are produced
by ELKA and not modifiable. while another cartridge. Flam 22.
owe the opt-on 01 having an adotiorul 64 progranmabio prostate.
Tho name at the Preset or the Parameter to be modified appears
on the liquid crystal diepiay.

the Pedorme Registration eectlm is at extreme Impedance in
this immanent. The buttons of this section are used mainly during
llve pettormenoee because they allow the memorizing ot the tira-
bres as Mail as all the per-lormance parameters (Wheel. Split. Por-
tamento. Mud». and by means at the pedal MP 7. they can be
recaled in programmed seqmnce.

By means at the Midi intertaoe. the EK 22 canbeoomected to any
other instrunent or equipment which is Midi compatible.

All the tunetione deecribed in ttis manual are also vald tor the
Manor Module SM 22. With the exception of the outputs tor
Sustain, Portamonto and Performance Registration Advance


Module EM 22 but can all be controlled -NI Midi (except Porta-


To avoid damage and detective working. do not use or leave the
instrument tor long periods expoaed to direm sunlight, in extreme
high or low temperature or hunid surroundings. nor in dusty or
sandy places.

Be sure to check that the AC power meaty outlet provides the
correct voitage tor the instrument.

the instrument is provided with an internal Lithium battery which
is ueed tor memorizing the timbre: and Performance Registra-
tions. and for storing this lnlormetlon when the instrument is swit-
ched oil. The duration at this battery depends a great deal on the
surounding conditions. However. the instrument-s conuuter w-it
give a woman on the display with the mango. -Waming Battery
Needs Replacing' when a new one is necessary. it is edneeble to
have the batteryc replaced by a Qualified tedlticim.

Use onty a soft dry cloth to clean the external surfaces of the
instrument. Never we petrol, alcohol or other soivmte as these
will damage the surface coatings and panel.


/ u

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OUfl'UT emsnmrv mot rowan oreorr
-_ , 77, ._ \
- r 1 ~ A a w "offs-m
\, a? ,, ,. .ay- W
: «unmou-
noat. Inam cumuooi new- cone
elore canylng out any connections. more that all the lnetru- PEDAL

tent: (emphluea. eynthealzers, etc.) are ewttched on.



ocennecttne EK 22 only toeeinote Impatient-tone) ormlxer
tout. use either the Lett or Right output locket.

I order to obtain the atereo etIect with the Chorus and when
elng the Split, both outpute Lett end Right meet be ueed.

llth the Level eelactor. you can eelect the correct wtout level
ultable to meldt your amplttier'e eenattlvity. In the three poettlone
(tom, M (medium) and H (high), you will obto'n respectively I
m. medium or high output level.


'rtvete tutoring can be achieved by plugging e pelt of heedpho~
ee (8-600 ohms) Into the headphone eocltet.

To adluat the overell volume ot the Instrument by meane ol the
expreelon pedal. plug the VP to pedal into the Volume socket.
Connecting the MP 7 pedal to the other 3 outlata, you can control
the aunt-tn Iobtaine the me effect ae the euetaln pedal of e ple-
no). the Portarn'ento ONOII and the edvancement ol the Parlor-
mance Metretton eequnoe.


meene 0! this eoclret you can connect the EK 22 to any other
ldl oornpatlbte equhrnem.


lneert the Ram 22 and Horn 22 Certndoee into the approonate
port on the back panel.


Connect the power supply cord to an AC voltage outlet socket ot
the correct voltage. When connectmg the amplifier. it le advisable
that only a elngle piece at equprnent ie earthed no u to avoid
annoying malne deer hume.


More switching on the instrument, check that al connections
eve been carried out correctly then preee the power ewitdt toce-
ad on the back panel to the "ON- With".

-1 this eteoe. otter e tow seconds. the Iolowhg will appear on the




A- 53,533, POLV Passer NAME $335 -5
)c- 33.53%}, MONO PRESET NAME NuM. -F


A ~ lnd-oatee the ectual Preset number or the Preeet nunber ot
the Pew section In the ceee when the keyboard le eplit.

B - Ind-Tate: the name ot the actual Preeet and thet ot the Poly
sect on.

C - Ind-ates the Preeet number at the Mono eeotlon it the key-
board is aplit.

D - :nducatee the Preeet name at the Mono section it the keyboard
3 epilt.

E - P.Ft. Stands for Pertormenee Registration.

F - indicates the Performance Beoielratlon number.

It is now poea'ble to aeled instantly one of the 98 Preeete already

gogremmed by meane oi the Freed/Parameter numeric key-