Elka concorde 810 811 service manual

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elka concorde 810 811 service manual

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Model Sheet No A
811 Date 8-11-84

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(D (477PR16200) x 6 Connector

(2) (4776816450)Multlplexerandpotentlometerscontrol o e e o o e o o o o o e o o o 0

(4776R16420) Contacts assembly tor bass-chord
and rhythm unit

6) (477GR15870) Contacts assembly for chord
and bass international system

® (477PR04180) x 4 Connector

C6) (477GR16430) Contacts assembly for programmer
percussion and rotary effect

® (477G812710) Contacts assembly for treble

(4776R16440) Contacts assembly for presets and solo

@ (4776R16460) Contacts assembly for rlght reglster

(4776R16390) Socket for headphone

® (477GR16400) Master volume

® (477GR14063) Mains fllter

® (477GR16480) Tuning

(4776R16370) Outputs

@ (477GR1 6380) Power supply

(47765216120) Revert) amplltler

® (4776R15490) Panel and keyboards controller

(4776R16540) Master boardlor(4776Fl15490) @ a a e 6 e 0 @
(4716R16360) Master board

Model Object: Sheet N. B

Concorde Inside Vlew-
all of the organ Date: 8-11-84