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creek obh 15 owners manual

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INPUT AND OUTPUT CONNECTION WIRING THE OBH 15 The output from the turntable is normally terminated on two 'Phono' plugs or RCA jacks. The level is dependent on the type of cartridge used, and in the case of moving magnet will normally be around 2 - 5 milli Volts and for moving coil - 200 - 500 micro Volts. Most MM or high output MC cartridges will be properly matched by using the OBH 15. By plugging the signal leads from your turntable into the OBH 15 input, the signal will be boosted to 'LINE' level at its output. To prevent hum pick-up, it may be necessary to join the turntable's earth lead to the OBH 15 ground terminal. The output from the OBH 15 can be connected to most integrated amplifier-™s and pre-amplifier's line inputs via a regular Phono to Phono (RCA to RCA) stereo interconnect lead. The output impedance of the OBH 15 is <100 W, therefore it can be used Connect the OBH 15 to the input of your amplifier with a stereo to drive long interconnects without loss, provided they are high RCA inter-connect cable. If using a Creek integrated amplifier capacitance types. connect to the first input. The OBH 15 is a switchable phono pre-amplifier, allowing you to POWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS change from moving magnet to moving coil from a switch on the In common with all electrical appliances, the OBH 15 requires a rear panel. power supply. The connection for the phono output from the turntable plus The requirement for the OBH 15 is for 24 Volts DC at 30 milli-Amps ground is clearly marked for MM and MC. Once connected select current, minimum. A custom Creek power supply (Creek-Uni) has MM or MC from the switch located on the rear panel. been provided and this must be connected via the DC inlet on the rear panel of the OBH 15. The power supply is connected to the 2.1mm positive pin power jack and then to the wall socket. The OBH 15 should be placed The power supply which has been provided is a away from power supply hum fields for the lowest noise operation. NOTE Due to the inherent muting circuitry in the OBH 15, the signal will take a few seconds to be heard after the power is switched on. It is necessary for the OBH 15 to be -˜burned in-™ for at least 24 hours The on/off switch is located on the rear panel. As the OBH 15 draws before its full sound quality potential can be realised. very little power it may be left switched on permanently. switchable supply with a universal input range of 100 -“ 240 Volts. The Creek-Uni power supply is supplied with a pack of universal plug fittings to adapt for Europe, U.K. and the Far-east, USA and Australia. Choose the correct fitting for your country of use and simply snap in place.