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creek obh 11 se brochure

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Creek OBH- 1 15B


SI IARli 'I-l lli lllfl-lMA'lli
01-1-]: OBH-115E



2 Bellevue Road, Friern Barnet,
London N11 3ER, England

Tel: + 44 (0)20-8361 4133
Fax: + 44 (0)20-8361 4136



OER-11 5E Headphone Amplifier

he OBH-115E is a class -A' head-
I phone amplifier designed to drive
two pairs of headphones (from
30 ohms to 300 ohms) from a line level
source The purpose is to eliminate the
use of a full size amplifier for boosting
the power, if only headphones are
used An average output level CD play-
er or Tuner can be connected directly to
the input of the OBH-11, or it could also
be used in conjunction with other OBH
products, such as the OBH-8/9 Phono
Pre-amps and OBH-12 passive Pre-amp.
It would also work with a stand-alone
pre-amplifier or integrated amplifier lack-
ing headphone output, connected in the
tape loop. The volume control on the
front panel is designed to control the out-
put level.

The OBH-IISE has been designed
with zero feedback and is fully Class-A-
for improved performance

No expense has been spared to
enable the OBH-118E headphone amp
to faithfully reproduce a music signal.
Only the highest quality components are
used in its unique amplifier circuitry, to
achieve low distortion and noise, with

good stereo separation, including Alps
Blue Velvet volume potentiometer.

Great care has also been taken to
match the output circuitry to the special
requirements of modern dynamic head-
phones, providing an extremely flat fre-
quency response. Audio bandwidth is
limited by input and output coupling
capacitors to prevent unwanted signals
damaging the headphones in use,

Input and Output connections. The
OBH-118E has two pairs of stereo
phono sockets (RCA jacks) on the rear
panel for input from any line level source
and chain linking to another product in a
tape loop circuit, together with a DC
power jack for connection to a custom
OBH power supply adapteri There are
two 1/4" (6.3mm) stereo headphone
jacks on the front panel

Power Supply requirements. A
custom High Grade regulated power
Supply (OBH-2) is provided to run the
OBH-115E. This must be connected to
the unit via the DC inlet (2.1mm posi-
tive centre pin power jack) on the rear
panel. The power supply may vary
depending on country of use.



Output power >10 mW into 30 Q to 300 Qloads
Headphone Impedance 30 Q to 300 Q
THD S 0.05% at 1 kHz at rated power
Signal to noise > 65 dB
Power consumption < 4 W
Power supply requirements 24 V DC 150 mA
Size 100 mm x 130 mm x 65 mm
(4" x 5- x 2.5")
Weight 360 gms (12 025)

Creek Audlo Limited reserves the right to modify orchange the specifications oflts products at any tlme wlfhaut notlce.