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BX-15 Bass Amplifier VOLUME LOW LO MID HI MID HIGH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 MASTER FRONT PANEL -ď MASTER SECTION 1: INPUT jack accepts a standard 1/4-Ě phone plug and is suitable for any low to line level signal source. 2: VOLUMEcontrols the overall sound level. EQUALIZATION AND OUTPUT: 3: LOWadjusts the bass range in the amplifier: turning the control to the left reduces the low frequency output; turning it to the right increases the low frequency output. The Low control allows a total range of 15dB of boost or cut at 60Hz. You may want to -úroll off-Ě the bass at higher volumes. 4: LOW MID tends to add a -úthicker-Ě or -úfatter-Ě characteristic to the sound. The Low Mid control allows a total range of 18dB of boost or cut at 630Hz. 5: HIGH MID provides clarity and defi- nition to your string attack. The High Mid control allows a total range of 19dB of boost or cut at 2kHz. 6: HIGHcontrols the upper range of frequencies and adds brightness and -úclick.-Ě The High control allows a total range of 27dB of boost or cut at 10kHz. 7: EXTERNAL SPEAKERjack is for connecting an extension speaker to the unit.8: HEADPHONE / LINE OUTjack will accept a standard headphone plug for private practicing. The speaker is auto- matically disconnected when head- phones are plugged in here. A line level signal can also be obtained from this jack for recording, etc. 9: POWER -úON-Ě INDICATOR LED will be lit when the unit is turned on. 10: POWERswitch turns AC power on or off. REAR PANEL 11: POWER CORD: This heavy-duty, grounded, three-wire power cord is to be plugged into ONLY a safely-wired, grounded 120 volt, 60 cycle AC power outlet. DO NOT attempt to defeat the ground connection of this cable! If your BX-15 was purchased outside of the United States, see the unit-ôs rear panel for its power rating and follow the above guidelines. WARNING: DO NOT attempt to use head- phones in the Speaker jack! Permanent hearing damage could result!

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The BX-15 is covered with a durable black Tolex material: wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth. Never spray cleaning agents onto the cabinet. Avoid abrasive cleansers which would damage the finish. El BX-15 esta cubierto con un material durable Tolex: limpielo con una toalla seca. Nunca rocie el gabinete con sustancias limpiadoras. Evite usar materiales abrasivos con los cuales pueda danar el acabado. Le BX-15 est couvert avec ¬ęTolex¬Ľ un rev√™tement noir et durable. Essuyez cette mati√®re avec une toile propre et sans charpie. Ne pulv√©risez jamais les agents de nettoyage sur l'appareil. Evitez les nettoyeurs abrasifs qui peuvent endommager le ¬ęTolex.¬Ľ INPUT VOLUME TONES ATTENUATOR LOW MID LOW HIGH MID HIGH BUFFERPOWER AMP EXT. SPEAKER PHONESSPEAKER SYSTEM BLOCK DIAGRAM: BX-15 Bass Amplifier VOLUME LOW LO MID HI MID HIGH VOLUME LOW LO MID HI MID HIGH VOLUME LOW LO MID HI MID HIGH VOLUME LOW LO MID HI MID HIGH MASTER MASTER MASTER MASTER SUGGESTED ST ARTING SETTINGS: ROCK: JAZZ: FUNK: COUNTRY: