1993 Counterpoint Catalog

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1993 Counterpoint Catalog

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When You Choose Audio Equipment, Buy from a Winner.

In the 1980's, Connterpoint's designs were intei'na/
tionally acclaimed, earning 12 design awards from

around the world. We started this company in 1977

in it Be» erly Hills closet. The only thing we possessed
was our conviction that people wanted something bet»
[or in their home audio equipment. The Counterpoint
difference? DESIGN.

it is now ,i new decade, and Counterpoint's tradition
continues. earning an astonishing 8 design awards so far!
But a few things have changed along the av. We left
the Beverly Hills closet behind years ago
ate out of a new, multi-miilion dollar facility in
Carlsbad. California. This new facility, equipped with
the latest in both design and manufacturing equipment,
means that we can better do what were already famous
for: designing and building the best audio equipment in

and now oper-

the world.

But building the best equipment takes the best parts, So
we make them ourselves. Counterpoint is unusual among
American manuiacturers. when we need a critical part,
we build it!

For example. our Precision Sheet Metal Division, founded
in 1980. has some of the best fabrication equipment any»
where. \Xhen we purchased the Strippit lOOOXT shown
above. it was the fastest, most accurate metal punching
machine in San Diego County. And still is.

Counterpoint Precision Magnetics was founded in 1989
to make state-oilthe-art transformers, chokes, and coils at
a level ofqualitv not normally found. \X/e soon discovered
that we weren't the only ones seeking higher quality lev»
els: Counterpoint Precision Magnetics ciistom designed
parts are featured in everything from speed record-break-
ing automobiles to brilliant pebbles defense systems, and
from Counterpoint amplifiers to life-saying uninterrupt-
able power supplies. Just another example of using the
best parts to make the best product.

But perhaps nowhere is
our pursuit otexcel/
[once more single/
minded than in the
area of quality control,
Every product under-
goes a rigorous series of
inspections Then each
component is tested,
using the most
advanced Audio
Precison testing gear. - ' ,

It is next burned-in for 100 hours and tested twice inorei
Again with powerful audio analysis equipment. Then. by
the sensitive ears of a trained inspector. We're not sure
whos tougher, but neither will let a Counterpoint out of
the factory until it's perfect. However, should something
go wrong, all Counterpoint products are covered by a
transferable three year limited warranty.*

Prepare yourself for a Vivid Experience

The listening session is the single most valuable test
available to the prospective buyer of high fidelity equip-
ment, By arranging with your dealer for a private audi»
tion, you can begin the process that will result in an
appreciation of the sonic \irtues ofa Counterpoint ampli-
tier-and the selection of the Counterpoint components
best suited to your needs.

fiillt-u mg

*Fiili mimmty details available upon request. All {tithe
.xpeiificurtuns are subject to change utllwitt notice or [Iiingfl/ni.