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copland cta 305 brochure

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High Performance
Valve Preamplifier


V (,(-˜FLAP'E-˜


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High Prelormance Valve Preamplifier CTA305 For low
level voltage amplification valves are in a league of their
own With respect to linearity and musicality For nearly a
decade, COPLAND has contributed to the refinement of
amplification uSing these classic devices.

The CTA305 employs highly reliable 6922 valves selected
after ageing to assure optimal compatibility Each class A
line level amplifier circuit is diVided into two separated non-
inverting units This allows us to use much less complex
circuit, with increased stability, and no requirement for
internal lag compensating networks.

Discrete DC power supply regulators designed for nearly
zero output impedance isolate individual gain stages from
each other

in addition to the five sets of line level inputs, the CTA305
offers a high quality phono amplifier.

For the listener With a large investment in LP-˜s, this amplifier
provides an opportunity to recover musical pleasures and
more nuances from irreplaceable recordings.



Vacuum tubes
Output voltage


input sensitivity

input impedance

Output impedance

S/N ratio (lHF-A-curve)

Power consumption

Normal mains voltage

Mains voltage range


2 pcs 12 AX7 2pcs 6922
Rated 2 V, max. 40 V

Phono less than 0.1% (output1 V)
CD, line less than 0 1% (output1 V)

Phono 2.7mV (output 1 V)
CD, line 300 mV (output 1 V)

Phone 47 k ohms
CD, line 50 k ohms

Less than 600 ohms

Phone more than 80 dB
CD. line more than 95 dB


115 V or 230 V factory set for
destination country only

+/, 12%
430 (W) 86 (H) 390 (D) mm