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classe audio dr 8 brochure

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Technology Reflected In Music

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Power Output (Watts): Stereo
8 ohms 70
4 ohms I40
2 ohms 280

Input Sensitivity: 0.85 Volt for rated output
Input Impedance: 100,000 ohms
Signal/Noise Ratio: ~100 dB

Weight: 55117. (24 kg)




The DR-S represents the second high voltage /high current power amplifier
manufactured by Classé Audio. With the DR-9 as a natural -role model-, all of its
technical and construction techniques have been retained in the DR-8. This amplifier
provides power that is first and foremost musical, while easily lifting the restraints of
inefficient loudspeakers or larger listening rooms. The DR-8-s power is elegantly
produced from an efficient package, yet one whose hallmark is strictly Classé.

All Classe- amplifiers have high current capability, and the DR-8 is no exception.
As a result, power output increases at lower impedances in near textbook fashion, so
that the DR-8 can confidently be used on any load. Its sheer musicality at high power
levels is clearly evident upon auditioning.

Sharing only the linecord and primary of the power transformer, power supplies
for each channel of the DR-8 are separately rectified and amply filtered by custom-
made capacitors (80, 000 uF total). The heart of each DR-8 channel reveals our proven
low level stages. Simple and effective, they provide superb voltage gain which retains
all the subtle nuances of the musical signal Transparency, harmonic structure, and
soundstage are not substituted by mere power in the DR~8. A new driver stage feeds
the overwhelming output section.- 2,000 Watts/128 Amps per channel, is the nominal
power transistor capability. Fed from the close-proximity power supply, it becomes
easy to justiél the DR-8-s effortless dynamic capabilites. The DR-8 features both
regular (single-ended) and balanced inputs. Additionally, D.C. protection circuitry has
been incorporated for added reliability and safety. Designed in traditional Classe form,
the DR-8 is refreshingly pleasing to the eye, but the real pleasure begins with its
musical performance.

Classe- Audio Inc., 9414 Cote de Liesse Road, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H8T 1A1

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