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cambridgeaudio 740C cd tb

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0 Cambridge Audio

TNBC-0029 Issue 1 Sept 08

Technical Bulletin

Product : Azur 840C and 7406 CD players Page 1 of 1

Fault Symptom:
Low gain or no audio output on one or both channels. C270 on the 840C , or C5 on the

7400 DAC PCB may be visibly damaged (top pushed up). Relays RL1, 2, 3 may not

The unregulated 10V supply on these DAC boards is smoothed by a 470uF capacitor,

rated at 16V. High mains spikes and supply fluctuations can cause premature failure of
the capacitor.

Replace this capacitor with the same value, but rated at 35V.

We advise that you make this modification to all service returns.

n.b. Production from September 2008 will be revised.

Issued by: David Drewett, Service Manager. Email:
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 551 5403

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