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bozak brochure 1968

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Urban Speaker Systems The clean-lined, functional design of these handsome, modern Bonk

B-SOOUR: In a 5 cu. ft. enclosure In-
corporating coulel 8401A. 40 to 20,000
eyele- r-Iponse-˜ 20 watts minimum
a est-d ampliļ¬er power. Convertible

B-3OZAUR: Same alze enclosure as
B~300URembodylnl the coaxial 3'207A.
I 8.209A lor increased mldunge de<
iineation and l N-iol02 crossover neti
work. do to 20.000 cycles response:
20 wam minimum suggested ampliļ¬‚er

EWUR: Employ: In 8 cu. ft. en-
closure and incorporates z coaxial
owns. 1 B-MA mid~range and on
"40102 crossover network . . . 35 to
20,000 cycle! response-˜ 30 watts mini-
mum suggested ampliļ¬er power.

Model 3-3qu
Model B-302AUR

Urban Equipment Cabinet
Model oaosun

speakers will appeal to those who prefer contemporary furnishings.
They are available in 3 models: B-BOOUR-basic 2 way speaker system:
DMZAUR-E. way system with increased mid~renge delineation for
medium sized listening areas: B-305UR-iuli range 3 way system for
larger and medium sized listening areas. All models are offered in your
choice oi hand-rubbed ļ¬nishes on-˜Genuine Walnut (Matte). Mahogany
and Velvet Ebony finish.

Model B-305UR

A decorator coordinated, contemporary-
styled cabinet to house all the high
fidelity components you select to drive
your speaker system. Available on spe
cial order as a matched set with 2
Urban speakers for stereo use. The cab-
inet provides an adjustable well to ac-
commodate a ehan er. turntable or tape
deck: em la space r record storage or
tape equ pment: and a large area with
movable shelves to supgort ampliļ¬er.
tuner, preampliļ¬er and ot er equipment.
There is also a convenient panel tor
mounting controls. For those who prefer
horizontal mounting of controls at table
top height. or desirean additional well for
a tape machine the cabinet is available
in the double-Illt top Model C-305UR-DL
with 2 adjustable wells. As an acces.
sory. a slide drawer is available for the
single-lift top and double-lift top models.

The Urban Ensembles

Here is the appealing, coordinated look oi a single
cabinet stereo system but . . . with component
system integrity! The Bonk ensembles integrate
separate fine umiture speaker enclosures with
matching cabinets that permit your choice of
high ļ¬delity components. They are mounted on
a handsome. brass finish. anodized metal bench.

-œOdd 3-5000 . . . consist! ol 2 B-ZOOUR
toms and a double-ll" top equip-

: her a
3;: eat: at.

The mechanical feedback problem Is eliminated.
Speaker separation for stereophonic reproduc-
tion is assured. The result is 7 feet of beauty.
convenience and high ļ¬delity integrity. Furniture
finishes are identical with those supplied for
Urban speakers.

Model 3-5002 . . . consists or z B-302AUR

speaker ļ¬lm and a aoubieillt top equip-
ment cab net.