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Bozak brochure 1960

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Quality loudspeakers

and equipment at binets

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BOZAK - the cboz'cefiw music

For full enjoyment of the vast and exciting array of recorded music and entertainment, the most
important choice to be made in selecting the components of your home high fidelity system is the speaker comple-
ment. it is the major factor in determining the character of the sounds you will hear and the ability of the system
to give you lasting satisfaction.

The musical sound quality of a speaker system is revealed by weful listening. Does it reproduce your
favorite music or entertainment faithfully and with realism? Does it have a natural and pleasing tonal balance-
with clean. true-pitch bass. clearly defined middle range. and smooth, non-strident treble? [s it unnaturally brilliant
or dull? Would extended listening lead to let-down and fatigue? Let your ear be the judge.

On the basis of such critical listening, Bomk's natural. musical sound has won the acclaim of music
lovers throughout the world. It has become the standard by which recorded music may be judged, and its ability
to give lasring satisfacrion is attested to by the fact that virtually all Bonk owners regard their speaker systems
as permanent investments.


The components of these outstanding systems are three basic Bozak speakers-the bass. midrange, and
treble. Each is designed to handle its own range of frequencies and. at the same time, to work harmoniously with
the others in two-way and three-way speaker systems. They are one line and of one quality-the highest. None is
ever "outgrown" or becomes obsolete-in fact, they improve with age and use. Like building blocks. Bozak
speakers combine easily into speaker systems of various sizes that differ in realism and power only by reason of
the number of individual speakers and the enclosure sizes employed, Any Botak Speaker Sysrem can be enlarged
at any time simply by adding more Bozaks and modifying the crossover network.


In choosing speaker systems for the home. it is advisable to keep in mind that the greatest degree of
realism in musical rc-creation is achieved wtih large systems. Like fine pianos. all Bozaks are of the highest quality,
but no musician pretends that a miniature piano is the equal of a concert grand. Select or plan for the largest
sysrem or systems that your listening room can reasonably accommodate and be assured of lasting enjoyment of the
finest musical reproduction.


A speaker system in the home should look as good as it sounds. Bozak offers a selection of fine furniture
enclosures. with matching equipment cabinets to house the associattd components of the music sysrem, in the
widest variety of styles, woods. and finishes available. To blend attracrively with any decor, these well designed
pieces come in Provincial. Contemporary, and Urban stylings. They are crafted of select hardwood veneers on flake-
board, specially processed for virtually permanent freedom from warping or blisreting, with rich, hand-rubbed oil
or lacquer finishes. For an exact match with exisring furniture, unfinished cabinets may be had for finishing by
your decorator.


Bozak speaker systems have earned world-wide acceptance as the standard by which all others are
judgul. Through fundamentally valid design, materials of the highest grade, and superb craftsmanship. Bonk
produces the only speaker systems available which combine all of the proven quality features necessary for natural,
fatigue-free reproduction of musical sound-such original and unique features as variable-density cones of felted
paper, linear-displacement magnetic motors, linear-compliance cone suspensions, exclusive damping devices, non-
ringing crossover networks. passive infinite-ballle enclosures, broad polar dispersion.

Truly the Bozaks are The Very Best in Music.