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boulder 2010 brochure

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B o u l d e r A m p l i f i e r s , I n c . 3 2 3 5 P r a i r i e Ave . - B o u l d e r, C O 8 0 3 0 1 3 0 3 - 4 4 9 - 8 2 2 0 - w w w. b o u l d e r a m p. c o m SPECIFICATIONS ANALOG INPUTS 6 Balanced Line OUTPUTS 2 Balanced Main, 2 Balanced Record VOLUME 10 0 dB range, 0.1, 0. 5 or 1.0 dB steps MA X GAIN 20 dB Line MA X OUTPUT 28.0 Vrms CROSSTALK -136 dB FREQ RESPONSE + 0, - 0.03 dB , 20 Hz to 20 kHz THD + N, 2V OUT 0.0 0 0 8 % , 20 Hz to 5 kHz 0.0 010 % , at 20 kHz PRE AMPLIFIER 18.0 wide, 6.875 high, 16.25 deep (in.) POWER SUPPLY 18.0 wide, 4.25 high, 16.25 deep WEIGHT 96, Shipping : 121 Pounds POWER 120 VAC , 50 - 60 Hz, 18 0 W The Boulder 2010 Preamplifier features a three piece main chassis that completely isolates the audio signals from the controlling microprocessor. The audio boxes receive their control commands via multiple optical couplers from the microprocessor below. Functionality is apparent in the six balanced inputs and dual main balanced outputs. Separate record selection and output buffering provide maximum flexibility. Unbalanced connections are easily accomplished through specially terminated cables. The chassis is a beautiful combination of machined satin aluminum, polished stainless steel and textured powder-coated parts. Separate boxes for left and right audio ensure absolute isolation between channels. Vibration is absorbed by constrained layer dampening in each foot. The all metal remote control feels comfortable in the hand and operates in a positive manner. Engraved lettering and machined quality is commensurate with Boulders design. The big bright display is easily visible from across even the largest listening rooms. Integration into a surround sound/home theater system has never been easier. By connecting the left and right front channel outputs from the processor to an input of the 2010, you will not need to reconnect cables when you want ultimate two channel performance. The theater mode option is then programmed for that input. When that input is selected, the volume control is set at unity gain, allowing control to be taken over by the processor. Up to 16 power amplifiers are able to communicate with the 2010 via Boulderlink. This allows continuous monitoring of the amplifiers and coordinated turn on. A separate 2000 Power Supply features three individually magnetically shielded toroidal transformers. Three independent regulated supplies power each of the audio channels and the digital/display circuitry. The high level of quality throughout makes the Boulder 2010 Preamplifier a lifetime investment.