Audio research vt 130 se vt 150 se brochure

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audio research vt 130 se vt 150 se brochure

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. . I felt I was hea-

-œThis Audio Research is unques-
tionably the best yet...

It had the classic Audio Research
'High Definition-™ sound, highly reveal~
ing and satisfyingly detailed. all this
seemingly achieved without effort. .

This is a reference-grade result.
and is strengthened by the very fine
balance of all the sonic aspects which
together determine a musically satis-
fying performance...

It set a new standard for amplifiers
combining the purity and grace of
the vacuum tube with the precision
and constancy of the solid state. The
VT 150 is a tour de force for William
2. Johnson . .

By Martin Colloms

Reprinted from
February -™994

. .77._
. A .. ...-˜~. . ... -.' .. _. .. .-˜.....-œ...'
~ -- . - 5 -u- . , < -.. - . -\ -˜ p u. .- , .<.

s - s . u. . . . u .3 . -
-˜ ~ :._.;.-˜.-˜_. .'.f.;.'. ~ .-:;._.. ..'...-˜.:._. 1 g. .1. A.- '.-˜, .~_ .jf.-˜ :._.: 7c _ .-
. . - ~-- . ~ -˜.'.'.' -˜ '.-'. .~. . ..

u~ -˜. ~vvw~-~-_.~uu-VV 1-i-Y'-':--™.-˜

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fi-˜ifi-œ: -œ4-˜4-œ-œ? . 5:1." (-˜1': _-.-˜{.7~.~-œ'.-l.";' .

. Ills-j.-œ


the emusez-˜ itself.

-œThe VT 1503 presented an aston-
ishingly believable and natural ren~
dering of timbre. instead of hearing a
hi-fi representation of the music. I felt
I was hearing the music itself. . .

The VP 150 is. without question.
the best power amplifier I've heard
The VT 1505 went far beyond any
descriptions of sonic qualities. In-
stead. they were truly transcendental.
bringing me so much closer to my
favorite music than I thought could
be achieved by changing power

The bottom line is that I've
enjoyed music more through the [.39.
and VT 150s than with any other
electronics I-˜ve had in my system. in
fact. nothing else has ever come
close. The VP 1505 provided the kind
of experience that must be experi
enced firsthand to be believed "

By Robert Hartley

Reprinted from
Vol 17. No -™8. August. 1994


Rowe It amplific catien
in a uew key.

The VTlSO Special Edition mono-
blocks and VT130 Special Edition
stereo amplifier represent the lates
advancements in vacuum-tube
power amplification from legendar
designer William Z. Johnson. Both
models take advantage of break-
throughs in transformer laminatior
and improved plate coupling to
yield wider bandwidth. better
power transfer at the output.

and superb bass control. They
also combine meticulous engi-
neering and manufacture

(typical of Audio Research).
generous power output and

user convenience in classically
handsome electromechanical
packages. These are power
amplifiers intended to with-

stand the rigors of musical
playback over the course of

many years. while providing
unequalled enioyment