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alto apx 1500 quickstart guide

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2 QUICKSTART GUIDE (ENGLISH) BOX CONTENTS APX1500 Power cable Quickstart Guide Safety & Warranty Information Booklet QUICK SETUP 1. Make sure all items listed in the BOX CONTENTS section are included in the box. 2. READ SAFETY & WARRANTY INFORMATION BOOKLET BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT. 3. Study the connection diagram in this guide. 4. Place all devices in an appropriate position for operation. 5. Make sure all devices are turned off and all faders and gain knobs are set to "zero." 6. Connect all sound sources' outputs to amplifier inputs as indicated in the diagram. 7. Connect the amplifier outputs to speakers. 8. Plug all devices into an appropriate power source. 9. Switch everything on in the following order: - Sound sources (i.e. microphones, turntables, CD players, etc.) - Mixer - Amplifier - Speakers 10. When turning powering down, turn everything off in the following order: - Speakers - Amplifier - Mixer - Sound sources CONNECTION DIAGRAM PUSH PUSH Do NOT make any connections when any device is powered on. Note: Please see the SPEAKER CONNECTION section for important setu p information.

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3 WARNING!: Do not adjust the STEREO/MONO BRIDGE SWITCH when the amplifier is on . How do I know if my 1/4" cables are balanced? BALANCED UNBALANCED REAR PANEL DIAGRAM PUSH PUSH 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 6 3 1. COOLING FAN- This fan secures cooling for the amplifier. The airflow is from front to rear. The fan speed is electronically regulated depending on the temperature of the power devices. Do not block these fan grills or mount the amplifier in an enclosed rack, which could cause the amplifier to overheat. 2. LOW PASS FILTER -“ This switch activates the built-in low cut filter. All audio below 30 Hz will be removed from the output signal. 3. BALANCED COMBO INPUTS -“ Connect your mixer to the balanced XLR or balanced 1/4" input for that channel. 4. OUTPUT MODE SWITCH -“ The APX 1500 presents three operating modes: Stereo Mode In this mode, CH 1 and CH 2 operate independently (as a normal stereo amplifier) The CH 1 input signal will be output from the CH A output connector, and CH 2 input signal will be output from the CH 2 output connector. Parallel Mono Mode In this mode, CH 1 input signal will be output from the output connectors of both channels. Bridged Mode In this mode, CH 1 input signal will be output from the bridge-mono output connector. 5. CHANNEL OUTPUTS -“ Connect your speakers' input jacks to these outputs. - For the binding posts, red is the positive signal and black is the negative signal. Please make sure to respect the speaker polarity when using binding post. Turn off the unit before connecting an audio signal to the binding post to avoid any electric shock! - The SPEAKON outputs are specifically designed to connect to high power speakers. The correct polarity is secured automatically. They prevent shock hazard and they lock-in securely. 6. POWER IN -“ Connect the cable to a standard wall outlet. Be sure the supplied voltage matches the required voltage of the amplifier. Do not connect the amplifier to an outlet that does not match the required voltage; doing so could damage the amplifier. WARNING!: Do not allow any wires of adjacent terminals to come in contact with each other. Also, do not connect either positive (red) output to chassis ground.