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alto amx 120 owner manual

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2 Thank you very much LTO AUDIO TEAM PREFACE Dear Customer: For the LTO AUDIO TEAM, music and audio are more than a profession, it is a passion and an obsession! We have, in fact, been designing professional audio products for a number of years in cooperation with many of the world's major brands. The LTO line represents unparalleled analogue and digital products made by musicians, for musicians. With our design centres in Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom we provide you with world-class designs, while our software development teams continue to develop an impressive range of audio specific algorithms. By purchasing our LTO products you become the most important member of our LTO AUDIO TEAM. We would like to share with you our passion for what we design and invite you to make suggestions, which will aid us in develop- ing future products for you. We guarantee you our commitment for quality, continual research and development, and of course the best prices. Thank you for choosing the LTO AMX-120 12-Channel Mixing Console, which is the result of our LTO AUDIO TEAM's endeavours. We would like to thank all the people who made the LTO AMX-120 12-Channel Mixing Console possible, especially to our designers and LTO staff. It is their passion for music and professional audio that has made it possible for us to offer you, our most important team member, our continued support. The LTO AMX-120 mixing console is equipped with 2 mono input channels (these are provided with ultra low noise microphone pre-amplifiers and phantom power at +48 Volt), 8 stereo input channels and 2 TK IN. So, in total you have 12 input channels on your AMX-120. It is specifically designed for professional application. Seeing is believing, let's meet the LTO AMX-120.