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alto acl 4 user manual

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1 SAFETY RELATED SYMBOLS CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN This symbol, wherever used, alerts you to the pre- sence of un-insulated and dangerous voltages with- in the product enclosure. These are voltages that may be sufficient to constitute the risk of electric shock or death. Protective Ground Terminal AC mains (Alternating Current) Hazardous Live Terminal ON:Denotes the product is turned on. This symbol, wherever used, alerts you to impo- rtant operating and maintenance instructions. Please read. OFF:Denotes the product is turned off. WARNING Describes precautions that should be observed to prevent the possibility of death or injury to the user. CAUTION Describes precautions that should be observed to prevent damage to the product. Protective Ground Operating Conditions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Cleaning Servicing Power Cord and Plug the recommended fuse type as indicated in this manual. Do not short-circuit the fuse holder. Before replacing the fuse, make sure that the product is OFF and disconnected from the AC outlet. Before turning the product ON, make sure that it is connected to Ground. This is to prevent the risk of electric shock. Never cut internal or external Ground wires. Likewise, never remove Ground wiring from the Protective Ground Terminal. Always install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. To avoid the risk of electric shock and damage, do not subject this product to any liquid/rain or moisture. Do not use this product when in close proximity to water. Do not install this product near any direct heat source. Do not block areas of ventilation. Failure to do so could result in fire. Keep product away from naked flames. Read these instructions Follow all instructions Keep these instructions. Do not discard. Heed all warnings. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer. Do not tamper with the power cord or plug. These are designed for your safety. Do not remove Ground connections! If the plug does not fit your AC outlet seek advice from a qualified electrician. Protect the power cord and plug from any physical stress to avoid risk of electric shock. Do not place heavy objects on the power cord. This could cause electric shock or fire. When required, either blow off dust from the product or use a dry cloth. Do not use any solvents such as Benzol or Alcohol. For safety, keep product clean and free from dust. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel only. Do not perform any servicing other than those instruc- tions contained within the User's Manual. Fuse To prevent fire and damage to the product, use only No user serviceable parts inside. Power Supply Ensure that the mains source voltage (AC outlet) matches the voltage rating of the product. Failure to do so could result in damage to the product and possibly the user. Unplug the product before electrical storms occur and when unused for long periods of time to reduce the risk of electric shock or fire. External Connection Always use proper ready-made insulated mains cabling (power cord). Failure to do so could result in shock/death or fire. If in doubt, seek advice from a registered electrician. Do Not Remove Any Covers Within the product are areas where high voltages may present. To reduce the risk of electric shock do not remove any covers unless the AC mains power cord is removed. Covers should be removed by qualified service personnel only. WARNING Disposing of this product should not be placed in municipal waste and should be Separate collection.

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2 PREFACE Dear Customer: Thanks for choosing LTO ACL4 Compressor/Limter/Gate and thanks for choosing one of the results of LTO AUDIO TEAM job and researches. For our LTO AUDIO TEAM, music and sound are more than a job... are first of all passion and let us say... our obsession! We have been designing professional audio products for a long time in cooperation with some of the major brands in the world in the audio field. The LTO line presents unparalleled analogue and digital products made by Musicians for Musicians in our R&D Centers in Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Taiwan. The core of our digital audio products is a sophisticated DSP (Digital ound rocessor) and a large range of state of the art algorithms which have been developed by ourSP Software Team for many years. Because we are convinced you are the most important member of LTO AUDIO TEAM and the one confirming the quality of our job, we like to share our work and our dreams with you, paying attention to your suggestions and your comments. Following this idea we create our products and we will create the new ones! From our side, we guarantee you and we will guarantee you also in future the best quality, the best fruits of our continuous researches and the best prices. Our LTO ACL4 is the result of many hours of listening and tests involving common people, area experts, musicians and technicians. The results of this effort is that you can acquire an extremely efficient and universal dynamics processor. It contains several new circuits design which make the unit an ultimate dynamic processor: intelligent program recognition, Smart Expander/Gate and super low distortion VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier). Nothing else to add, but that we would like to thank all the people that made the LTO ACL4 a reality available to our customers, and thank our designers and all the LTO staff, people who make possible the realization of products containing our idea of music and sound and are ready to support you, our customers, in the best way, conscious that you are our best richness. Thank you very much. LTO AUDIO TEAM