Alpine tdm 7582 r service manual

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alpine tdm 7582 r service manual

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(Cautions for Safe Repair Work)
The following cautions will prevent accidents in the workplace and will ensure safe products.
.Tho symbols indicate caution is needed to prevent injuries and damage to property.

The symbols and weir meanings follow

serious injury or death may result.

if you ignore this symbol and handle the product incorrectly or unsefely.

if you ignore this symbol and handle the product incorrectly or unsafely.
injury or only material damage may result.

.The following symbols indicate two levels of cautions.

A When you see this symbol. you have to be very careful.

0 When you see this symbol, you have to follow the instructions there.


A Warning

Do not look squarely into the laser lidtt
coming from the pickup.
You may loose you sight

Fuse Caution
Always use a designated fuse.
Use of an incorrect fuse may result in a fire.




Do not allow wiring to be caught in the

lfwiring is caught in the screw/chassis. it may cause
a short circuit. resulting in a fire.

Battery Caution

Use the designated battery.

Confirm the correct polarity and seat of the battery.
An incorrect battery or an improperly connected or
seated battery may result in a fire.

High Temperature Caution

Touching the heat sink may cause severe burns.

Designated Parts Caution
Look up the part list and ensure that only designated
parts are used to prevent problems or accidents.

Reverse Power Supply Connections or
Mieomnections Caution

Reverse power supply connections or misconnections
may cause ignition problems and smoke may result

Wiring Caution
Ensure that the wiring is correct when rewiring to
prevent problems with ignition/ breakdown

l> 9 '9 D

Soldering Caution
Hot solder from solder splash may cause severe


Wear Gloves
Wear gloves to prevent electrical shocks or iniun/
from the and face of the metal.