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Alpine FL 2000 Owners Manual

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Prior to operation

Check the power supply voltage of AC outlet used. Set the voltage selector switch provided
on the rear panel to the position corresponding to the regulated voltage. Then, connect the
cord and cable.


For accurate and precise recording, an independent VU meter circuit is included.

To achieve success in recording with least distortion and maximum signal-to-noise ratio, it is essential
that the recording input level be at an optimum setting.

For successful recording, therefore, an independent VU meter circuit is used. Thanks to increased
accuracy of the graduated scale as well as improved damping of the meter pointer, levels can be read
out accurately from the minutest (-20 dB) to the high end 1+5 dBl.

Recording level controls are functionally designed,

The recording level controls adjust the left and right channels simultaneously or individually. A com
Centric-shaft. two-section, friction type design has been adopted for convenient level settings.

An upright cassette loading design has been adopted.

All controls are arranged on the front. Cassette loading/unloading is straightforward, Because the
cassette stands upright in its place, it gives a clearer view of tape travel. tape build-ups, and title or
identification on the label of the cassette half. Extra smooth cassette eject is assisted by a proprie-
tary air damper arrangement.

The detachable cassette lid facilitates servicing such as cleaning the magnetic heads and tape path
in the transport.

A built-in full automatic shutoff protects the tape from damage under excessive tension.

Whenever the tape builds up fully on the take-up reel or on the supply reel, an electronic circuit
senses it, and the shutoff activates.

This prevents application of unusually high tension on the reel by the drive motor; both the tape
and deck are safeguarded against damage.

Control buttons are precise, light actuating force, and direct acting buttons.

The light actuating force, good "feel" direct acting design of control buttons permits a direct change-
over from one operating mode to the other without regard to the stop button actuation.

A Dolby*systern is incorporated to minimize irritating hiss noise.

The Dolby system reduces hiss noise inherent in tape reproduction to a minimum, It is a noise re-
duction system essential to any high performance cassette deck intended for high quality sound
reproduction. With the Dolby switch set to "ON" at the time of recording and playback, it improves
the signal-to-noise ratio by 5dB at 1 kHz; 10 dB at 5 kHz and above, significantly reducing the tape
noise. However, satisfactory results cannot be expected on an unstable. poor performance deck,
however good the system may be.

To make the best of the system, a deck with desirable frequency response and uniform tape travel,
like the FL-2000, is required.

A precision capstan is responsible for extra low wow and flutter.

The combination of a high torque, well regulated, electric servo DC motor and a 0.15 micron, or bet-
ter, out-of-round, precision capstan has achieved-a low 0.06% (WRMS), or better, wow and flutter.

A tape selector selects the tape with three equalizer positions and three bias positions.

The characteristics of a tape vary considerably with the magnetic materials used, And a different
tape requires different equalizer and bias settings.0n the FL-ZOOO, you can choose three equalizer
values and three bias values, both independently switchable. So you can match the recording charac~
teristics of a particular tape to take full advantage of the recorded sound quality.