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alpine cda 7998 r service manual

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(Cautions for Safe Repair Work)

The following cautlons will prevent acadents ln 1m workplace and wlll unsure safe products.
.Thn syntals Indicate cuuwn ls nandod tn pmmLimunas Ind dlnuge to properly
Tn. symbols end their neurones follow.

W . If you inlorl ttus symbol and nnnele me oroouct lncorrecfly w unsetely.
3'7""8 s-neus .mury er duth mly result.

Caution It you ignore this symbol and handle the product incorrectly or unsafely.
Injury or only metenel damage my result

.Tha Followmg symbols lndlcale two levels of cautlons

A When you see tlus symbol you nous to be very careful

0 when you see this symbol you have to follow the instructions there.

A Warning i

cominlfvvm the pickup. Always use e oeslgnnteo fuse.
You may loose you Sly". Use of an incorrect ruse may result .n e fire.

Do not look turn» into the luar lilht 0 Fuse Caution

A Caution i

Dom-Howwirin-tobomdninfllo BlnuyCunJon
pom/chunk, Use due design-ted buttery.
A ll wiring is mm in On screw/chassis. it may cause Confirm the correct cal-my Ind sent 0! the bmery
e short circuit. resulting in n fire. An incorrect emery or an imnroperly connected or
sent-d bette'y may result in n fire.

Denim-ted Peru Clufiofl
Look up the part lls1 end unsure met only daslymled
parts ere used to prevent problems or nccloents,

Touchln- the heat slnk may cause severe burns.

! Hifll Tompfl'luln Cllnion

Revom Power Supply Connection: of
Milcumlecu'ona Camion
Reverse power supply connections or mlsconnectlons

Mring Cluu'on
Ensure that me wtrlng is correct when fewlnn- to

prevent problems with lgnluon/brukdovm
mly cause lylnion problems and smoke may result


Soldering Caution Wu! Glove:
Nor solder nom solder selesn may cause severe Weer gloves to ereyent electncel shocks or lnjury
burns tree. the eno face of the motel.



Packlng Assembly Parts Llst 4
Packlng Method Vlew 4
Spemllcations 5, 5
Adjustment Procedures 7. a


EJECT Posltlon Adjustment
The connection method at Extenslon Cable

Block Dlagram . .. .. .. .., . ,.
Pans Layout on P,W.Boards and erlng Dlagram
Schematlc Dlagram
Telmlnal Voltage ol IC/TH
Descrlpllon of IC Termlnal
Electrlcal Pans Llst
Exploded Vlew (Cablnet)
Cablnet Assembly Parts Llst
CD Deck Mechanism Assembly Parts List
Exploded Vlew (CD Deck Mechanlsm) (DP23T020)

NOTE ' Due lo conllnulng product lmprovemem, speclflcatlons and dESlgUS are sumac! to
chanqe Wllnom nollce