Alpine CDA 7832 R Owners Manual

This is the 115 pages manual for Alpine CDA 7832 R Owners Manual.
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Alpine CDA 7832 R Owners Manual

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2 Warning DO NOT DISASSEMBLE OR ALTER Attempts to disassemble or alter may lead to an accident, fire and/or electric shock. KEEP SMALL ARTICLES OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN Store small articles (batteries, screws, etc.) in places not accessible to children. If swallowed, consult a physician immediately. USE THE CORRECT AMPERE RATING WHEN REPLACING FUSES Replace fuses only with fuses of the same ampere rating. Failure to do so may result in a fire and/or damage to the vehicle. HALT USE IMMEDIATELY IF A PROB- LEM APPEARS When problems appear, stop using the system immediately and contact the dealer from whom you purchased the equipment. Some problems which may warrant immediate attention include a lack of sound, noxious odors or smoke being emitted from the unit, or foreign objects dropped inside the unit. DO NOT OPERATE THE REMOTE CONTROL WHILE DRIVING Do not change settings while driving. If operation requiring a prolonged view of the display is required, stop the vehicle in a safe location before attempting operation. English Precaution